The world’s largest plane, An-225 Mrija, took off from Jesionka after repair

As Michał Tabisz, the vice president of the airport managing company, informed on Tuesday, the machine arrived in Jasionka on Sunday.

– After unloading, the crew discovered a landing gear malfunction that needed to be repaired before the next long flight. Today, on Tuesday, mechanics from Kiev flew in to repair the plane that had already departed from our airport – he added.

Tabisz emphasized that the airport is not responsible for the technical condition of the aircraft, nor for its repair. “All I can say is that the airport was functioning normally at the time of Mrija’s stay,” he said.

The port’s deputy president expressed his hope that the world’s largest plane would arrive in Podkarpacie this year. An-225 landed in Jasionka for the fifth time.

The An-225 Mrija is over 84 meters long, powered by six jet engines. It was produced only in one copy. It currently belongs to the Ukrainian company Antonov Airlines, which specializes in cargo transportation.


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