The “worst ever” Italian car: the criticism for the model is very heavy | Here’s what it is

There is international criticism towards the sales of an Italian car model. A newspaper miserably denigrated him.

The four-wheeler sector is one of those that works in our country, and how, since it is also taken as a model at an international level. Yet, there are certain commentators who, at times, make outings in magazines that, perhaps, could be saved. These are people who only those who pay them for the profession they carry out know why they have such attitudes.

What is certain is that, this time, they seem to have made an unprecedented mistake. They tried to throw mud on a homegrown model of car, one of those that, on the other hand, is highly appreciated at home. This is an exit that could skew the sales market. Better, therefore, to take it with a grain of salt and deepen the subject as soon as you have the opportunity.

Sergio Marchionne Alfa Romeo (Ansa)

The Italian car denigrated by an international newspaper

We are in the States, where many local brands are sold a lot and are very popular with motorists. They range from Ferraris to Fiat, passing through Alfa Romeos. Not to mention the Lamborghinis or even Ducati motorcycles.

In short, our local logos are beautiful and efficient to be envied. A delicacy, therefore, to talk about it in the newspapers, given what follows it has faced such speeches. Nevertheless, the newspaper Motor Junkie he wanted to denigrate three local models, branding them as the worst-selling in the world. All this, however, seems to be the fruit of their imagination, given that sales have gone great.

The Italian car model targeted in the States

Going to check other comments from famous international magazines, the idea of ​​the Motor Junkie can hardly be accepted. In fact, secondCars US Newsyes the car in question is not very spacious in its interior and is very expensive, since it ranges from 42 thousand, up to 76 thousand euros, since it has been defined as ‘dated’.

Still, the aforementioned newspaper it also speaks of the many qualities it possesses: ranging from the monstrous V6 engine to handling. The space for the driver and passenger is also no exception. Furthermore also Clubalfa confirmed the excellent output of the modelgiven that in the States it was sold for 8 thousand units.

The Giulia of Alfa Romeo
The red Alfa Romeo Giulia car (WebSource)

We are talking about the Alfa Romeo Giulia, which does not seem to be this flop so much praised by Motor Junkie. In addition to this model, the Fiat 500X and 500L were also targeted, but not so fiercely compared to the first mentioned.

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