The Writer Behind ‘Killer of the Flower Moon’ That Seduced Scorsese (and Part of Hollywood)

given a nickname assassins of the flower moon First western Of Martin Scorsese, It makes sense that the time this film is set in is more or less adjusted for the period wild West (Though more towards the end of it, the beginning of the 20th century), but anyone who goes to see the film with this in mind might be in for a surprise. Because assassins of the flower moon it’s more than a fantasy true Crime: A harrowing recreation of the crimes that rock the United States. Yuu.

assassins of the flower moon one of its main attractions Cannes Film Festival, Film made possible after Scorsese’s arduous journey into production, financing Apple TV+ Invest millions in the project with this idea of great quality ,Chief who originally cried foul over the cost of the film) will release it in theaters next October. It’s a passionate project, highly promising, where Scorsese collaborates for the first time with two of his favorite actors: Leonardo Dicaprio And Robert De Niro.

It’s also a project that fits into a particularly prolific dynamic in Hollywood in recent years: using the eponymous writer’s keen eye David Grann To find stories from the American past that would impress an audience.

the dark chronicler

Gran is the author of the book it is based on assassins of the flower moonPublished in 2017 and translated into Spain lunar assassins, He is an American author and journalist whose huge sales have been coupled with an enthusiastic critical reception, signing a reputation that began to develop in the early 2000s, when Gran joined the staff. new yorker, Since then, many top-notch directors have taken an interest in his work, not just Scorsese.

But, let’s start from the beginning. Gran was born in 1967 New York and took his first job as a freelance journalist in Mexico. In the 90s, I wanted to be a novelist because I had an innate ability to tell stories. But work came in between. By the end of the decade he had become senior editor of the new republicbegan to gain a reputation that would later lead him to become one of the star reporters new yorker,

this is david gran
this is david gran

His first famous reports date from this period, investigating and writing with an extraordinary narrative pulse on a variety of characters and matters of interest. It was highly appreciated, for example, masterpiece markon the picture of peter paul biro: a supposed expert in authenticating works of art with fingerprints, who was not pleased with Gran’s portrait in the magazine and sued him for libel. But the respect for Gran did not diminish.

Well, shortly after, in 2009, she published her first non-fiction book. it was titled jade, the lost cityand Explorer’s Odyssey P reviewedarcy fawsett on a quest to find a golden city in the depths of South America, Fawcett had disappeared with his son into the Amazon and Gran’s investigation, in addition to obtaining unpublished data, led to a thrilling story that was a bestseller. jade, the lost city In the 1920s his interest in a traumatic episode first led to the publication of several anthologies of articles and essays by Grann.

Cover of 'Z, The Lost City'
Cover of ‘Z, The Lost City’

Osage TribeThe owner of a rich oil field that inspired envy and anger in several surrounding towns, faced a series of murders that led to a murky investigation and, eventually, consolidation. FBI As the US General Internal Intelligence Service. Gran found that there was a very powerful story in there, and after hard work, he published lunar assassins In 2017. it was another best sellerAnd since then Gran has wanted to specialize in writing this type of non-fiction book, always based around picturesque or violent historical episodes.

As a result of all this, Gran America is an institution. But his work did not have much pabulo in Spain: here random House just posted Jade, The Lost City, The Moon Killer And old man and gun: set of objects true Crime history of where forest tucker, a charming bank robber. That’s the only thing available to us, though it may get better soon.

Thanks, mainly, to the fact that Grann has become a major writer for Hollywood. Well, before Scorsese stood up assassins of the flower moonGran’s prose had already been made into a film four times. and those who remain.

Cover of 'The Moon Killers'
Cover of ‘The Moon Killers’

old, lost city and moon with flowers

Gran was documenting lunar assassins when they wanted to customize one of their reports New Yorker: a title, okay, true Crime, The title of the film was in Spain black crimedirected Alexandros Avranas and starred Jim Carrey. The plot introduces us to a homicide detective who, while investigating a murder, finds similarities with a novel that has just come into his hands. The resulting film was not very good.

Jim Carrey in 'Dark Crimes'
Jim Carrey in ‘Dark Crimes’

on the other hand, and already lunar assassinswas well known as a filmmaker of the stature of Gran james gray we will review jade, the lost city, In the sad story of the Fawcetts, the director two lovers He made references to familial relationships and the conflict of parent-child relationships in glimpses of the themes that have supported his filmography. He set up a film with the same title, and it was released in 2017 with the publication lunar assassins,

he acted Charlie Hunnam, Robert Pattinson And tom holland, and Gray established with Gran’s manuscript one of his best films, if not his best: a balanced and tragic distillation of his creative discourse. Not that, by the way, it was a box office success (Gray doesn’t usually do that), but it established the idea in Hollywood that Gran’s work was cinematically juicy, and the story immediately followed. old man and gun He also had to struggle to make the jump to the big screen.

Still from 'Z, The Lost City'
Still from ‘Z, The Lost City’

In this case into the hands of another formidable filmmaker, but at the time he was only just beginning to show what he was capable of: David Lowery, was successful in indie Together in a chaotic placeshowing an empathy for criminals who may be in time for his proposed motion old man and gun, So, after one film he directed for Disney (peter and the dragon) and the other who completely surrendered to him (a ghost story), Lowery resorted robert redford For The Old Man and the Gun.

As a result JadeIt was exciting, but in a different way. Lori somewhat mechanized the story of Forrest Tucker in this way the old man and the gun became a tribute to Redford’s career, with more interest in metafilmic celebration than in pursuing the actual poetics of the good-natured outlaw. Gran, on the other hand, had already sold the rights to a new film, adopting another article new yorker, trial by fire,

Robert Redford in 'The Old Man and the Gun'
Robert Redford in ‘The Old Man and the Gun’

The title of the film was in Spain Willingham Case. he directed Edward Zwick ,blood Diamond) and brought together in his cast laura dern And jack o’connell, Reviews of its 2019 release were mixed, but Zwick mostly managed to replicate the dizzying true story, portraying a Texas death row inmate convicted of murdering his three children, and his harrowing struggle to be found innocent. Went.

During this, lunar assassins It had already fallen into Scorsese’s hands. and director, which premiered the same 2019 Irish With Netflix, he was infatuated.

Still from 'The Willingham Case'
Still from ‘The Willingham Case’

future of gran

Development assassins of the flower moon It has been a bit turbulent, not only because of Scorsese’s difficulties finding funding, but also because of the intense relationship DiCaprio developed with the material. he was originally contracted to play tom whiteFBI agent investigating the Osage tribe murders, but DiCaprio later thought the role Ernest Burkhart This was going to be too obvious, and it prompted the project to undergo major changes.

This is what leads us to a certain veil of anxiety about what it might bring assassins of the flower moon: Gran wrote the book in recognition of the crimes committed against the Osage tribe, established as a hero molly burkhart, A woman from the tribe who married a man (the aforementioned Ernest Burkhardt) involved in the killings at the expense of loyalty to her uncle, a powerful landowner (Robert De Niro, played by molly Lily Gladstone in the film, and it is reasonable to fear that his role has been limited to satisfy DiCaprio’s ambition. And that is, perhaps, the heart of the film, Ernest’s anguish and guilt.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese

It would be a shame to consider the political value of Gran’s work, but in any case it is the first thing to check and the work of this author has a lot of future. assassins of the flower moon, There are more projects in the future that are looking to adapt his work. Within the same Apple that financed Scorsese’s film, a series inspired by his other books has already been launched, the white darkness, about an explorer who sets out to cross Antarctica on foot. The investigator said, henry worsleyi will explain it Tom Hiddleston,

And let’s not leave Scorsese behind yet. The filmmaker is dazzled by Gran’s work, as he considers one of those projects assassins of the flower moon This… is another adaptation of Gran. now it’s on The Voyager: A Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny and Murderwhich recreates a disturbing historical episode from 1742. It was then that 30 shipwrecked men arrived off the coast of Brazil and were greeted as heroes, so that six months later a group of sailors arrived in Chile and ensured that the first group became mutineers.

stake Focuses on the turbulent trial that followed. Scorsese appears intent on directing the resulting film, and DiCaprio may also want to produce and possibly star in it. Let’s hope that when Gran’s work takes shape, it will flow more in Spain.

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