The wrong look of Brigitte Macron at the queen’s funeral

A sensitive amazement, a few social jokes, and voilà that once again the French president Emmanuel Macron has ended up in a crawl space of style. And with him his wife too, ça va sans dire. Brigitte Macron look at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, a separate chapter of curiosity mixed with dismay. The Elysée couple participated officially at the funeral ceremony, also given the excellent relations between London and Paris, but it was their arrival that horrified observers south of the English Channel: a photograph was enough to distort the reality of the facts and to impress the couture-politik detractors of the presidential couple. Theme? The president’s sneakers, considered decidedly inadequate for the occasion. As a cascade, even the Parisian look of the première dame upon arrival in London caused screams parbleu to all the French, horrified by the excess of casual sported by Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron.

brigitte macron funeral queen

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To be honest, Brigitte Macron’s style choices and monsieur le president for their landing in the land of Albione: too sporty, even for reasons of convenient travel convenience, and not very suitable for the stature of head of state on an official visit. So criticized that even the well-trained (perfidious) English press was keen to point out that “the French president and his wife then wore more formal clothes before visiting the queen in historic Westminster Hall”. For the subsequent and long ceremony at Westminster Abbey, in reality, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron were irreproachable adherents to the royal protocol of mourning: the day of the queen’s funeral Brigitte Macron in caviar black dress short at the knee, an overcoat a few centimeters longer, a tambourine with a veil on the gathered hair and a mini-bag held in gloved hands, it fully complied with the demands of couture discretion. Yet even the much admired (from the wardrobe side) Brigitte Macron today seems to see her star more blurred than ever before her, in the face of the political nervousness of the famous wife.

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