The Xbox FPS Boost will not be expanded “any time soon”. Microsoft mentions the problems

Microsoft has improved a lot of games thanks to the Xbox FPS Boost, but at least at the moment we can not count that the company will improve the operation of subsequent productions thanks to the technology from the Xbox Series X | S. Jason Ronald mentioned the problems and limitations.

Xbox FPS Boost significantly improves the performance of games using the capabilities of the Xbox Series X | S – during the recent Microsoft event, another set of items using this technology was revealed, and the latest test confirmed that the productions actually work better.

As it turns out, There will be no more games offering Xbox FPS Boost in the near future. Jason Ronald, Xbox Director of Project Management, confirmed the problems encountered during the Iron Lords podcast:

“We’re always looking for new ways to improve titles, be it boosting resolution, improving FPS or offering things like Auto HDR. I can now say that by using the existing FPS Boost technique we have tried much more than the [130 tytułów z FPS Boost] and in some cases the vast majority of the production works great, but then with 80% of the work we find a game breaking bug. “

Microsoft intends to develop its proposal because currently, the company has encountered certain limitations of technology:

“We intend to continue looking for new opportunities and new ways to improve the titles, but there will be no new titles in the foreseeable future … Right now, I think we’re kind of exploring where some of the limitations of our current technique are.”

It is difficult to say what the situation will look like in the coming months, but at least in the near future we cannot count on the development of the Xbox FPS Boost … As well as the catalog of backward compatibility.

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