The Xbox Series X | S are selling at a record pace. Microsoft confirms the huge interest in consoles

The current generation consoles made their debut on the market in an extremely demanding period, and although quite a long time has passed since the premiere, the Xbox Series X | S continues to sell better than previous American platforms. Phil Spencer confirmed the news.

The giant from Redmond does not share the official sales data of the Xbox Series X | S, however, in July last year, Satya Nadella gave a very positive message, in which he stated that the latest consoles are the fastest-selling Xboxes in history. It seems that interest in the equipment is not waning.

In a recent interview with the New York Times editorial, Phil Spencer mentioned that the Xbox Series X | S enjoys unflagging popularity among gamers and continues to be the fastest-selling consoles of the corporation.

According to the head of the Xbox brand, the problem is not limited production, but the enormous interest – so far the company has sold more consoles than in previous generations.

“When we think about trying to get an Xbox or a new PlayStation, they’re really hard to find. And not because the supply is smaller than it has ever been. The supply is actually as large as ever. The point is, demand exceeds supply for all of us. “

“At this point we have sold more Xbox consoles of this generation, the Xbox Series X and S, than any previous versions of the Xbox consoles. So our task is to ensure that the supply meets this demand. “

The Americans are still refraining from announcing the exact results, however, we can assume that the interest in the Xbox Series X | S is related to the very strong end of 2021 – Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite, among others, debuted on the market. In addition to the Xbox Game Pass catalog, new games are constantly being added, which makes more and more players decide to buy.


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