The youngest patient with a stroke after COVID-19 was several months old

– SARS-CoV-2 virus has a prothrombotic effect in its nature, therefore ischemic strokes can also occur in children. Our youngest patient with ischemic stroke after COVID-19 was only a dozen months old, apart from him, we had two more cases of postovid stroke in a two- and three-year-old. All three stories had a happy ending, but the very incident of an acute vascular disorder within the brain makes us think about this disease – from the perspective of children – in a completely different way – told PAP Dr. Łukasz Przysło, head of the Department of Developmental Neurology and Epileptology at the Institute of Health Center Polish Mother in Lodz.

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Coronavirus. Children with postovid infarction pass asymptomatically

All three young stroke patients underwent COVID-19 asymptomatically, as most of the pediatric population, he added. They were hospitalized with standard symptoms – incl. acute hemiparesis, speech disorders, impaired consciousness, headaches. Dr. Przysło pointed out that until now, stroke was considered a disease that mainly affects adults or young adults, but not young children.

– In adults, strokes are a common disease, in children, we have a dozen or so in a year, but it must be remembered that our Institute is a specific hospital – we have cardiology and cardiosurgery here, and our patients are children with heart defects. The most common cause of stroke in children is a leaky heart defect. However, in connection with COVID-19, we observe strokes arising from vasculitis – explained Dr. Przysło.

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In the case of three young patients, the strokes occurred in such places in the brain that they left only very discreet changes in the form of hemiparesis, which – according to doctors – will undergo rehabilitation.

– We must remember that neuropathy in children is higher than in adults, so the consequences of a stroke are usually smaller and milder. But of course, a stroke is just like the first domino knock – sometimes we fail to stop this cascade, especially if the source of the stroke is vasculitis, which can progress and must be stopped with drugs that cause many side effects – emphasized the neurologist.

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Neurological symptoms of coronavirus in children – staggering headache, scotopic convulsions, inflammation of the facial nerve

The main symptom of covid infection are headaches – characteristic, very strong – as doctors call it “electrifying”. Patients with such a symptom report to the hospital emergency department and are examined neurologically, e.g. to exclude a ruptured aneurysm, which also happens in children.

Other symptoms, often observed by neurologists, include spinal convulsions, which were induced by acute SARS-CoV-2 infection. Many young patients experience pocovidic peripheral inflammation of the facial nerve. Conversely, patients with epilepsy experience worsening of seizures.

From December 13, it will be possible to vaccinate children from the age of five and as a neurologist and pediatrician, I strongly encourage parents to do so. Social responsibility in Poland is unsatisfactory; vaccination of society is very low. Meanwhile, in children, we see more and more health and life-threatening complications “- noted Dr. Przysło.

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