The Zero Company remains at Peak

Extension of the commissioner’s office to the director of the City of Turin ASL who will maintain the dual role for another six months, until the probable landing of the current general manager of Vercelli Colombo. Meanwhile Minola tries to extend his stay in Corso Regina

For another six months, but the interim could also last a year, theZero Health Authority will be led by Charles Peak. The current commissioner will see it extended, with a resolution prepared by the commissioner Louis Icardiand awaited today in the regional council, his assignment which was entrusted to him last spring and which would expire at the end of the year. The decision to lengthen the commissioner phase, during which the current director general of theAsl City of Turinhas laid solid foundations for the future of what is now defined, due to its powers and competences both on the purely health and administrative side, as the Super Asl would find reason in the need to complete the start-up and running-in phase.

In summary: two companies, one head, at least until the new body strongly desired by the councilor and to which many functions are attributed in the Piedmontese health system will not be able to walk with its legs and all its joints, which it has been working on for months Peak. It will be said: but there is already a tender to find the general manager and there is also the commission, chaired by Paul Tofanini, ready to interview the 14 candidates to lead Company Zero. Everything useless? No, at least from what transpires from Corso Regina where it is noted that the choice to extend the commissioner’s mandate would not prejudice the process for identifying the future director, contemplating if anything the possibility of reopening the tender given the imminent update of the national list of suitable candidates for the role of general manager.

But there would be something else behind the decision. A landing from Picco to Azienda Zero as director, in a short time, would have left the leadership of the largest territorial health company in the Turin area unguarded. There were rumors of the possibility of a reversal of roles: Picco director of the Zero Company and commissioner of the ASL City of Turin where he is currently general manager. A rather daring hypothesis, so better one step at a time. And then the manager returned to Piedmont after experiences in Lombardy and Sicily where he directed the Polyclinic of Palermo, will continue to lead the Super ASL as commissioner and to direct the Turin ASL while waiting to find a successor. A name, by the way, is already circulating and it is that of Eva Colombocurrent director general of the ASL of Vercelli, where she arrived after having been at the administrative top in the ASL Città di Torino directed by Picco. In short, a handover marked by continuity, the one that lies ahead at the moment in which it will be a question of appointing the director of the Super Asl and in the event, an increasingly probable date, that to play that role, on the fiduciary choice of the junta regional, it will be the same Peak.

The extension of the leadership of the Super Asl inevitably crosses another deadline: that of the mandate of regional health director of Mario Minola. The current number one, on an administrative level, of Piedmontese health will reach retirement age at the end of May. Limit which, to date, the regional legislation does not allow to overcome, but which the person concerned would seem to want to discuss with the political leaders of the Region with a view to prolonging his stay on the upper floors of Corso Regine. Hypothesis, to date, given as very unlikely if only for the mechanism that it would trigger for the other regional directors. Certainly also the succession to Minola, next spring, will be another no less crucial and coveted step for Piedmontese health care.

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