their production company’s first project, False Awakening, will be in Cannes

During the Cannes Film Festival 2022, it will be presented and put on the market False Awakeningthe first project by the manufacturer of Alec Baldwin and Anjul Nigam

The wait is about to end. The Cannes Film Festival, now in its 75th edition, it is ready to start again on Tuesday 17 May, to then close on Saturday 28 May with the grand finale. During the opening ceremony, the Palme d’Or of Honor will be awarded to Forest Whitaker, which in 1988 had already been awarded at the festival thanks to its interpretation in Birdwhere he played the musician Charlie “Bird” Parker. Furthermore, the Cannes Film Festival will also be the occasion for the presentation of the film False Awakening.

Alec Baldwin and Anjul Nigan, the collaboration continues


Alec Baldwin, released new videos from the set of Rust after the accident

False Awakening is a psychological thriller about a man whose daydreams blend with his daily life, inevitably making it complicated. Among the protagonists of the film, of course, there is Alec Baldwin in the role of the psychologist called to help man, making him face his past in order to prevent him from falling into an irrecoverable psychic vortex. The film marks the debut of Persona Entertainment, the manufacturer of Alec Baldwin and Anjul Nigamwhich we met in Grey’s Anatomy, with the Cannes Film Festival which will be an important showcase for the presentation of the couple’s first project. The two had previously collaborated on the occasion of the film Rustproduction of which was dramatically halted following the accidental killing of Halyna Hutchins, one of the members of the crew, killed by a gunshot fired by Alec Baldwin, with the prop weapon that sensationally had a real bullet inside. In this regard, about three months ago, the Hutchins family sued the popular actor for manslaughter, also involving the production and other members. In April, the Department of New Mexico imposed a fine on Rust Movie Productions, which was accused of failing to carefully perform all proper on-set safety practices.

False Awakeningthe details of the film


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Shooting for the film is scheduled for next summer in the United States of America. The chosen director is Benjamin Tomson, who will also be a screenwriter. In the cast, in addition to Alec Baldwinpresent precisely Anjul Nigamwith Robert Menzies (which we have already seen in Hates – House at the end of the street with Jennifer Lawrence). The Cannes Film Festival will be the launch pad for the presentation of this first project by the Baldwin-Nigam couple. These are the words of the protagonists: “I enjoyed collaborating with Nigam for a few years, his rare combination of skills translates into something I am proud to be a part of,” he said. Alec Baldwin.

“Alec and I complement each other perfectly, I couldn’t be more honored to collaborate with him. False Wakening it will be a kind of tribute to other great classics like The exorcist And Rosemary’s Baby”, These are the words of Anjul Nigam.

To complete the team of False Awakeningwe cite the executive producers Jamie Norrie, Stephen Foreht and Steve Straka. To follow, space also for the co-producers Esther Egg and Matt Taylorall excited to be part of this new project.

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