Theo Hernandez tile for Milan. Between renewal and Chelsea assault, there is also the Leao theme

Milan, fresh from the knockout against Napoli, will have to work during this stop even without 16 players involved with their respective national teams. To worry Stefano Pioli the most, however, are not so much the commitments with the various representatives of him, but rather the conditions of Theo Hernandez which in recent days was sent home by coach Didier Deschamps. The instrumental tests to which the full-back underwent showed a strain in the long adductor of the right leg, with new checks scheduled in a week. Nothing serious, however, for Davide Calabria.

We return to talk about Leao, between renewal and Chelsea advances
In recent days Paolo Maldini had made it clear: Chelsea, albeit informally, in the last few weeks of the summer had moved for the Portuguese, so it is logical that the renewal issue will once again become a pre-eminent thought in the minds of the Rossoneri managers. Already in January, the Blues could return to the assault of the player, with Milan who, however, remain strongly intent on defining his extension by that date. Leao currently earns 2 million net, the request is for 7 while Milan seem willing to reach 6. In short, there seems to be room for maneuver. In the negotiation, however, the 19 million compensation that the player, in concert with Lille, must pay to Sporting Lisbon will also end.

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