There are leaks. The great deal was broken

Unofficial information says that Mercedes has canceled the sponsorship contract with Kingspan. This could end the scandal that sparked controversy in the UK. The company produced foam boards that contributed to a fire in a skyscraper in London.

Łukasz Kuczera

Łukasz Kuczera

fire of Grenfell Tower in London

Wikimedia Commons / Natalie Oxford / Pictured: Grenfell Tower fire in London

Last week, Mercedes showed off a sponsorship deal with Kingspan and thus caused a huge storm in the UK. The company produced foam boards, which were used to build the Grenfell Tower skyscraper in London. The building burnt down in 2017. 72 people died in a fire, and another 74 were injured – including a Polish family.

The tests showed that Kingspan’s panels did not meet fire safety requirements and allowed the fire to spread faster across the facade. That is why the families of the victims and representatives of those injured in the skyscraper fire have been appealing to Mercedes’ bosses for several days to withdraw from the sponsorship agreement.

Toto Wolff assured that the team knew about the allegations against Kingspan, but also referred to the company’s official position. The foam boards were to be used in the construction of the Grenfell Tower without her knowledge and only accounted for 5 percent. construction. In addition, no official charges have been brought against the company, and the investigation is ongoing.

The Daily Mail claims that the environmental pressure has paid off, because Mercedes was supposed to break the sponsorship deal with Kingspan, thus giving up 5-6 million dollars a year, because that was the amount the contract was supposed to be. We are not supposed to see the logos of this company on the Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas cars during the next Abu Dhabi GP.

According to the findings of the Daily Mail, Mercedes and Kingspan have come to the conclusion that it is better to terminate the sponsorship agreement, because it causes more controversy than good for both parties.

Perhaps the words of Lewis Hamilton, who distanced himself from the contract with Kingspan and emphasized that he is not responsible for Mercedes sponsors, also influenced the decision of both parties. The 36-year-old did not rule out that the logo of the controversial company would not appear on his car in the future.

The British government was also unfavorable about Mercedes’ sponsorship deal with Kingspan. Minister Michael Gove suggested that the authorities would consider introducing regulations that would prohibit the promotion of companies that are seriously charged and against which official investigations are being conducted.

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