There are no people willing to rebuild the railway station in Gorzów

The vision of a modern railway station in Gorzów is distant. On Friday, January 14th, the deadline for submitting bids in the tender announced by the company PKP SA has passed. There were no people willing to undertake this task, as there were no people willing to build a transfer center.

Gorzów is not lucky with railway investments. For many years, residents have been waiting for electrification, they have also been promised a real transfer center, and now the PKP company was preparing a comprehensive renovation of the building. However, once again, nothing will come of it, because no company has entered the tender.

PKP SA valued the works at over PLN 32 million, and the comprehensive reconstruction of the railway station buildings in Gorzów was to be carried out in the design and build formula.

According to the portal, after the reconstruction, the station was to receive a façade made of ceramic cladding, and a new glazed façade wall was also to appear. In the station building there will be a waiting room, railway and bus cash desks, commercial rooms, and social facilities for bus and railway carriers. In the end, the toilets were also supposed to be renovated, because the inhabitants of Gorzów and visitors for a long time have to take care of their physiological needs in makeshift toilets standing in front of the station building. We wrote more about this problem in the article entitled The outhouse near the railway station in Gorzów will stay with us for a long time

The planned reconstruction of the station is directly related to the long-announced construction of a modern transfer center, which was to be built by the city. In front of the renovated railway station, a roofed square with a glass ceiling was to be built, which would also provide a new roof for the station hall. However, the tender for the construction of the transfer center also ended in a fiasco. The two bids submitted significantly exceeded the city’s budgetary capacity, and the procedure was eventually canceled. The cheapest offer was higher than the assumed budget by PLN 28.4 million.

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