There are no surprises in the Polish national team for the competition in Zakopane

@Arturion jb are initials from James Bond.
Check the results yourself – seniors, juniors and juniors jumped on the same hill from the same beams, on the HS-105, and girls jumped on the HS-70.
Who will be beaten by Leja na MP from COC exhibitions? Ninika and Joniak, will lose to both Jojka, Zapotoczny and Krzak.
Leja is not making progress and a break from central training. Well sorry, but that’s his “merit”. He stands still and the mods catch up and overtake him. If he is currently losing to Zapotoczny (who is never considered a special talent), and Amilkiewicz is catching up with him, then he should not even go to the FIS Cup.

(13/01/2022, 02:23)

Nonsense. Write about it @jb, but it is not in the tables of results.
Lotos Cup results are available.
In MP, Leja will defeat them all.
Leja is currently an “amateur” by force. But training. It’s just that there is no proper equipment and support.

(13/01/2022, 00:31)

@Pawmak Leja will lose in the Lotos Cup on the first day with Wrbel and Zapotoczny (and additionally with Amilkiewicz), and on the second day with Kiet. In the second competition, Bush jumps at Leia’s level (overall he gets better, he will lose by points).
Leja is currently an amateur, just like you used to play Rutkowski until recently. And I remember how Rutkowski’s show in the FIS Cup in Zakopane ended in 2018.

(13/01/2022, 00:02)

Yes. And Joniak is currently doujing. Leja won’t go because it won’t. And that’s the truth.

(12/01/2022, 22:39)

Well, they did not jump so well in the second one. And Leja in this Lotos Cup competition was just the best and no one from Notodden was there, but Krzak was jumping much worse, but he is going to CoC …

(12/01/2022, 22:22)

@Pawmak The first jump was spoiled by Wrbel or Niemczyk (and – what a surprise – they don’t eat at COC). And I think the competition is about making two good jumps.
And if in Lotos Cup Leja jumps on the fourth ten level of the FIS Cup in Notodden, it probably misses the point of sending him to a higher rank competition.

(12/01/2022, 21:57)

But he would be 17th, because he will make the first year, and will be promoted from the 24th place. With two jumps, as in the second series, it would probably be around 10. So he is not necessarily worse than called, except slightly. The point, however, is that for a long time it has long been favored and even relegated to a combination.

(12/01/2022, 20:47)

@Bobson Just remind you that Leja on the last MP was 17. And in the Lotos Cup she is losing to Kiet.

(12/01/2022, 20:39)

@Arturion has already shouted a shout on him, because a few seasons ago he jumps quite well in CoC, not only he would be injured, because several jumpers ended their careers due to stupid decisions of PZN.

(12/01/2022, 19:05)

Well, this law has LGP points in Asia over 8 years ago. One should look at the current form, although in its case the form was often not an argument for decision-makers to include it in the composition …

(12/01/2022, 19:02)

Leja is the ONLY competitor with the right to start WP, who did not get a chance even in the CP. Not counting, of course, Stoch.

(12/01/2022, 18:32)

It won’t be Krafta, Aigro and Finw either.

(12/01/2022, 18:04)

And the funnel is renewed …

(12/01/2022, 18:00)

It is already known that Johansson will not start for the Norwegians, he will be replaced by Pedersen.

(12/01/2022, 18:00)

For Habdas, the target of this season is MSJ, where he is theoretically one of the favorites, along with the Austrians and Sadriejew.

(12/01/2022, 17:53)

I do not know what some people are surprised that there is no youth, they have different goals for now than the older ones who will fight for the Olympics in Beijing, let them train better, go to the CoC to Oberstdorf because in Zakopane they would not qualify for the competition anyway.

(12/01/2022, 16:51)

Habdas was supposed to be worse in training. Jojków, Krzak, Ninik, Zapotoczyn were supposed to have been in Oberstdorf, and Joniak was given in place of Habdas.
And if anyone mutters about “retirees”, let them compare their age with that of Fettner, Ammann or D. Ito (not to mention Kasai or Okab, when they were very successful).

(12/01/2022, 16:48)

I think that the young people will go to the Oberstory and I hope so too

(12/01/2022, 15:27)

Or he will perform at the CoC in Oberstdorf.

(12/01/2022, 14:53)

And in my opinion, the surprise is. I thought Habdas was a sure thing because she’s been jumping better than Pilch lately. Wida it was decided that Janek is trained at MJ. Because he doubted that the form would disappear from him.

(12/01/2022, 14:52)

Instead of showing young players, Mr.

(12/01/2022, 14:28)

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