“There are people in Biden’s administration who would like to make a deal with Putin, fortunately they are a minority”

It cannot be denied that there are people in Biden’s administration who would be willing to accept Putin’s proposal to make a deal with him and put pressure on Ukraine to meet the Kremlin’s demands. Fortunately, it is a minority opinion and less and less popular – said the expert in an interview with PAP, referring to his talks with representatives of the administration.

Until now, Biden’s team mantra has been that they want stable and predictable relationships. I tell them: it’s good, who doesn’t want it! But what matters here is what Russia, which is not interested in it, wants. If you agree to the deal with Putin, it will not close the topic, because there will always be more provocations Fried was saying.

A veteran of US diplomacy noted the consistent warnings from Washington that Russia would face severe costs if it decides to launch another offensive. He also emphasized the words of the head of US diplomacy Antony Blinken during the meeting of the OSCE chiefs of diplomacy in Stockholm on the Minsk agreements. Blinken pointed out that Ukraine has fulfilled some of its obligations under Minsk, while Russia has not fulfilled any, so no additional concessions can be expected from Kiev.

Sanctions for Russia

After all these words of the administration, it would be extremely difficult to back down and suddenly agree to what Putin wants – assessed the Atlantic Council expert. He added that Washington is ready to take sanctions that are severe for Russia.

Fried also pointed out that the White House had sent a clear signal to Russia by sending a warning to Moscow’s CIA director Bill Burns. Burns, who is one of the “pigeons” in the administration, was to convey a firm position to the White House in Moscow. He added, although Putin’s meeting with Biden is likely in the coming days, no breakthrough should be expected.

Let us remember that during the meeting in Geneva in June, Biden said that it would become clear in the next 6 months whether more stable relations with Russia were possible. So it’s a good time for another interview – He said.

Concentration of troops

According to the expert, no one really knows what the intentions are behind the concentration of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine. He speculates that there are three scenarios at play.

The first is that Russia is making these dangerous moves to force a big deal with the US. The second is that he is planning a major offensive and seizing a large part of the territory. And it would probably defeat Ukraine, but Ukraine will defend itself. That would mean tens of thousands of victims on the Russian side – Fried judges. – Therefore, a limited offensive, the capture of several towns and the announcement of a “great victory” is more likely – added.

Nord Stream 2

At the same time, Fried criticized the actions of Washington and Berlin regarding Nord Stream 2. As he emphasized, the actions taken so far by German diplomats who lobby in Congress against imposing new sanctions on the project put the US and the ruling Democrats in an even worse position. He pointed to the so-called A “non paper” from the German embassy sent to congressmen, in which Berlin announced what steps it could take against Russia in the event of its hostile actions against Ukraine.

What went into it was an even more watered-down version of the provisions of the joint US-German statement in July. There, there was clearly talk of sanctions in the event of energy blackmail. Germany must understand that Washington has devoted a lot of political capital to them Fried said. – If the Germans really wanted to convince them to leave NS2 alone, they should propose specific actions to defend Ukraine. Otherwise, it is difficult for anyone in Washington to defend the decision to abandon the sanctions – added.

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