There are some big changes coming to the Littoral Combat Ship in 2024

The 2024 LCS will feature some changes to improve the spectator experience, including reducing downtime between matches!

In addition to the return weekend, there will be more major changes coming to the 2024 League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). LCS Commissioner Mark “MarkZ” Zimmerman revealed the changes during his 2024 LCS Address, an annual video series that will discuss the league, fans, and what viewers can expect.

2024 Littoral Combat Ship

2024 is the 12th season of the LCS, which also means a lot of changes for the league. First up, the 2024 LCS Spring Split begins on Saturday, January 20th, which means the weekend is back!

The regular season will run through March 10 and include two Super Weeks, with the playoffs taking place from March 14-31.

Fans can purchase tickets for all LCS games starting January 10 at 10am PT at Riot Games Arena in Los Angeles.

LCS 2024 Spring Split Schedule
January 9, 2024

The competition format for the 2024 LCS Spring Split remains unchanged, except that only 8 of the 10 teams from previous years will participate. The regular season will kick off with a best-of-two double round-robin tournament, followed by a six-team playoff group, with four teams starting in the upper bracket. The spring split champion and runner-up will represent the LCS in the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational in Chengdu, China.

“Our decision to keep the best for the Spring Split was made after considering the impact of other changes this season,” Riot Games said in a press release. “Here, the best players act as the control variable. — We have very deep understanding of the onset, decline and flow of ratings under the regular season format, which allows us to track the impact of other changes and how they are welcomed by fans.”

LCS launches live patch competition

LCS pros will play in live patches to “help create a more tangible connection between the pro game and the broader League of Legends community.” This means that no matter which version of the game you’re playing, this is where version played on stage. “Playing matches on a live patch is a change we hope will inspire fans and players alike. Fans can take whatever they see on stage directly into their own matches, and pros will no longer have to practice two version of the game,” Riot said.

LCS launches live patch competition

We will take appropriate steps to maintain the integrity of the competition, such as ensuring championship fields are always updated for practice. Additionally, live patch competition will only be available during the regular season—the playoffs will still be played in a single, locked patch.

“As we implement live patch play, we will closely monitor the pro player experience and take notes so other leagues can follow our lead.”

Less downtime between LCS 2024 matches

The LCS will reduce downtime between matches, making the entire broadcast smoother. The draft of the regular season will be completed and pre-recorded in each team’s practice room during the last game, and then go backstage to wait for the stage game to end. Thereafter, pre-recorded draft sessions will be broadcast for commentators to react live as teams conduct technical and readiness checks.

Reduce rest time between games

“With this change, broadcasters can have more resources to deliver match-focused content and allow analysts to publish their creative segments where they make the most sense. Our analysts will still be in the studio producing every day LCS pre-show and post-show, and some post-game coverage where appropriate,” Riot said. “But now, freed from the traditional constraints
analysts’ desks, where they can focus on creating content with our production team without the usual time or availability constraints. “

This only applies to regular season matches, such as live patch matches.

More fan interaction

Finally, the LCS is driving more audience and fan interaction. The polls and predictions are a given, but they intend to go further. Some of the ideas mentioned were having fans vote on which route the broadcast would follow and discuss post-draft, or choosing which player to stay on stage for post-game interviews. “There’s a lot of untapped potential … and we’re ready to test it all out.”

“Interaction is a two-way street. As we build more ways for fans to connect with the LCS, we also need to create more ways to connect with our fans. We will reaffirm our commitment to communication and transparency in 2024, so we expect we will Regular updates in the form of AMAs, blog posts, videos, and more. Riot Games concluded: “We’re ready to make changes to improve the league, and it all starts with fan input. “

The LCS will also be open to co-streaming, and eligible creators will be announced soon.

Complete LCS 2024 Spring Schedule

Regular season

  • Week 1 (Opening Week): January 20-21
  • Week 2: January 27-28
  • Week 3 (Super Week): February 2-4
  • Week 4: February 10-11
  • Week 5: March 2-3
  • Week 6 (Super Week): March 8-10


  • Week 1: March 14-17
  • Week 2: March 23-24
  • Spring Finals: March 30-31

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