There are test results of Klemens Murańka!

Klemens Murańka missed the first competitions of the 21/22 season due to coronavirus infection. The competitor underwent additional tests and the sample was tested in three different laboratories. The test results are already known.

Mateusz Kozanecki

Mateusz Kozanecki

Klemens Murańka

PAP / Grzegorz Momot / In the photo: Klemens Murańka

Before Saturday’s competition, the organizers of the World Cup conducted additional tests for the coronavirus. A positive result was obtained by Klemens Murańka, who was then sent to a sanatorium for isolation.

The Polish Ski Association further said that the 27-year-old competitor had passed another test, and the sample was sent to three different laboratories.

Unofficial reports from Nizhny Tagil said that the first test was positive. Results from the other two samples were awaited.

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On Monday morning the news about the jumper was given by PZN. “The repeated test of Klemens Murańka, which was tested in three laboratories, gave a positive result for the presence of the COVID-19 virus” – reads the release.

The competitor will stay in Russia, where – as previously announced – he will go to the clinic in Yekaterinburg. Coach Radek Zidek will stay there with him.

Murańka is to be tested in Russia every day. If he tests negative for coronavirus twice, he will return to Poland.

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