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The revolution in stylistic research carried out by Mim continues to reap important fruits: the fast gozzo boats produced by the Naples shipyard and sold all over the world they meet the favor of enthusiasts of this type of boats and the requests hit a new record. In particular, according to the data provided by the house, the brand continues to win over more and more foreign owners and sees a significant increase in requests from Spain, France, Croatia, the Netherlands and Germany.

Increased demand on foreign markets

Italy obviously remains an important destination for gozzo boats produced in Agnano (Naples), but the increase in demand on foreign markets is much higher than expected. Around 70 boats will be delivered by the first months of 2023, while another 40 boats will be delivered by the end of next summer. The increase in production in 2022 was a total of 30%, while for next year a further 15% increase is expected. The results obtained in Italy and abroad – explains Domenico Senese, today at the helm of the shipyard founded in 1975 by his father – reflect on the one hand the return to success of this type of boats and, on the other, are the confirmation of a path of innovation and experimentation to which in recent years we have given a significant acceleration.

The Libeccio

The most recent fruits of this path, based on the reinterpretation of a type of boat with a timeless charm combined with cutting-edge design and technologies, are Libeccio 13 Cabin and Libeccio 11 Walkaround. The first, which will be launched shortly, was born from 13.5, the historic model of the brand, and combines the classic trump cards of planing goiters with extremely high comfort, thanks to three cabins (two of which are double and one twin) and two bathrooms with two entrances. : an ideal layout for a large family or a group of friends looking for a navigation characterized by privacy and performance.

Next presentation at the Genoa show

The new version of the Libeccio 11 Walkaround, which will be exhibited at the next Genoa Motor Show, on the other hand, is the latest model in a range that represents the overcoming of the classic concept of gozzo and, with a minimum sacrifice of some internal areas, offers greater roominess and freedom of movement. These design proposals are the result of the collaboration between the shipyard and the engineer and designer Valerio Rivellini.

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