There is a date and time: that’s when the new legislature begins

Confirmed the date of Thursday 13 October, 10 am, for the first session of the Chamber and the beginning of the 19th legislature. The news, which had already been talked about in recent days, was reported this morning by the main news agencies.

The resumption of work is therefore approaching. In this case, however, given the positive outcome of the referendum relating to the “cut of the parliamentarians”, there will be less deputiesto be precise, we went from 630 to 400. The same goes for the Senate (from 315 to 200 seats).

According to the official press release, the first session the House will have as its agenda the constitution of the provisional office of the Presidency, the constitution of the provisional elections council and the proclamation of substitute deputies. The first vote will then be held for the election of the new Speaker of the Chamber.

According to article 4 of the Chamber’s regulations, immediately after the formalities have been fulfilled, the session proceeds with theelection of its president. “The election of the President” it reads in the text “It takes place by secret ballot with a majority of two thirds of the members of the Chamber. From the second ballot, a majority of two thirds of the votes is required, including the blank ballots among the votes. After the third ballot, an absolute majority of votes is sufficient”.

Sembre according to the provisions of the regulation, the first session will be chaired by the national coordinator of Italia Viva Ettore Rosato, as the senior vice president of the Chamber by election among those of the previous legislature. As for the Senate, however, the eldest member must preside over the assembly. The name would be that of Giorgio Napolitano, but considering his state of health, it is very likely that the task will be up to Senator Liliana Segre. We will know in the next few days.

In the days preceding the date scheduled for the first session, the deputies will have to deal with what in jargon are defined as “minutiae”, which consist in the registration of fingerprints, in the delivery of photographs for identification cards, and in the communication of the various contact details and of that information necessary for the remuneration.

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