There is a decision regarding Piotr Zieliski. “Corriere della Sera” confirms Pika Nona

Napoli is struggling with huge problems due to the coronavirus. Due to the positive COVID-19 test results, Luciano Spalletti is currently unable to benefit from Hirving Lozano, Andrea Petagni, Alex Meret or Kevin Maluit.

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Additionally, Kalidou Koulibali, Andre Anguissa and Adam Ounas left for the African Nations Cup. Elif Ełmas and Victor Osimhen are injured. When Napoli flew to Turin, the amount of bad news increased significantly.

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As it turned out, Piotr Zieliński, Amir Rrahmani and Stanislav Lobotka will not be able to play against Juventus on Thursday. Although all three of them went to Turin, it suddenly turned out that they could not play in the match.

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Where does this confusion come from? As it turned out, the aforementioned three Napoli players had contact with an infected person, and more than 120 days had passed since the last dose of the vaccine, which meant that the players did not meet the new rules of the Italian government. The three Napoli players mentioned were not vaccinated with the third dose of the COVID-19 preparation.

Zielińskii, however, will play against Juventus!

On Wednesday, Gianluca Di Marzio informed that the situation is dynamic and may change. And he was right. As reported by “Corriere della Sera”, after consultations in the medical and legal staff of Napoli, the club decided that Zieliński, Rrahmani and Lobotka will play on Thursday evening!

It is not known how the Italian services will react to this decision. In theory, Napoli made a decision contrary to national law and it cannot be ruled out that the performance of the three will have painful consequences for the club.

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Serie A officials have decided to organize an extraordinary match in connection with four threatened matches in Matchday 20. In their opinion, each match should be played if the club has 13 players available, including one goalkeeper. Sanepidians have decided not to approve the matches of Bologna, Udinese, Torino and Salernitana, because each of these teams has at least seven cases of coronavirus infection.

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