There is a decision regarding the performance of Klemens Murańka in Wisła

Klemens Murańka’s performance in Friday’s qualifiers in Wisła was questionable. The FIS has already made a decision in this matter – reports the TVP Sport journalist.


Klemens Murańka

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Klemens Murańka still on Wednesday could not be sure of his performance in the qualification for the World Cup competition in Wisła. Recall that in Nizhny Tagil, he tested positive for coronavirus and had to be isolated until he was tested negative.

On Sunday he returned to Poland and was among those appointed for the weekend of the World Cup in Wisła. Meanwhile, it turned out that the International Ski Federation (FIS) requires a 14-day pause for the competitor, counted from the moment of obtaining a positive result. This would mean that Murańka would not be able to take part in Friday’s training and qualifications.

The Polish Ski Association took matters into its own hands, and Adam Małysz was surprised by such a provision and called the director of the World Cup for explanations. Fortunately, everything ended well. Murańka underwent two more coronavirus tests on Wednesday and Thursday. Both gave negative results. The 27-year-old will be able to qualify.

“Michał Doleżal has just informed us that Klemens Murańka will perform in tomorrow’s qualifications. The staff coach talked to Sandro Pertile on this matter” – Patryk Pancewicz, a TVP Sport journalist, reported on social media.

Training will start on Friday from 3:45 pm. The qualifying session is scheduled for 18:00.

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