There is a new offer for Marcin Wrzosek. Defeat in FAME MMA deleted him in KSW

Last weekend Marcin Wrzosek had to acknowledge the superiority of Kasjusz Życiński in a duel at the FAME MMA gala, and the defeat additionally meant that he was deleted by the KSW authorities.

– At the moment, there is no place for Wrzosek in KSW and it only depends on him whether this situation will be temporary or permanent. I just need to watch – said Maciej Kawulski, one of the co-owners of the KSW organization via Instagram.

It turns out, however, that we may soon see Wrzoska again in the cage. “Polish Zombie” received an offer from Paweł Jóźwiak, the head of the Fight Exclusive Night organization, who contacted him on Twitter.

– Hey, “Polish Zombie”, a good, exciting fight was on Saturday. “Don Kasjo” in boxing is really very strong. I invite you to FEN now. There are some interesting combinations here – wrote Jóźwiak.

There has already been a discussion in the community about who could stand up to fight Wrzosek in the next organization. It is possible that it will be Mateusz Rębecki, although in his case a lot will depend on the decisions that will be made after the next FEN 37 gala. Rębecki is counting on his involvement in the UFC federation.

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