There is a road you can take by following the light of the headlights

There are many things that push us to travel and to reach far or near destinations. It’s iconic attractions of the world, are the cultures and traditions that we do not know and that we can not wait to touch with hand. And then, again, the uncontaminated landscapes, the postcard scenarios and those historical, cultural and landscape heritages that belong to the whole of humanity.

And if it is true that the choice of a destination inevitably follows the will of the heart and the tastes of every single traveler, it is equally true that we are all driven by the same desire for live unique and unrepeatable experiences.

And it is precisely in one of these experiences that we want to accompany you today, the one that takes us along a path that we follow following the light of the headlights, the same one that leads to some of the most suggestive and panoramic places in the whole world. Welcome to the Route des Phares.

The Route des Phares

Its name is Route des Phares, and literally translated it means the road of lighthouses. A name as evocative and suggestive as it is fitting that introduces us to what is one of the most beautiful roads in the world.

To discover it we must go to Brittany, the hilly peninsula of northern France, known for its indented coastfor the seaside towns and for all those postcard views that can be discovered at every kilometer traveled.

Every year, in this extraordinary place, thousands of travelers from all over the globe come to admire who they are most beautiful panoramic views in the world. But there is another way to discover what is one of the most extraordinary coasts in the whole of Europe, and that is the one that takes us on the road of lighthouses.

THE solitary guardians of the sea and the coastin this stretch of road that goes from Brignogan and reaches Brest, they are transformed into new and unprecedented cardinal points that accompany adventurers on a journey to discover iconic, wild and extraordinary places, illuminating their path with light.

Discovering the Breton coast and its lighthouses

They are tall and majestic, smaller and more suggestive, some extremely solitary. But all are united in the same mission, that of illuminate the coasts and the path of travelers.

The lighthouses that wind along the wild Breton coast are so many, just think that here is the highest concentration of these night watchmen. And it is precisely to them that the task of illuminating the road trip which leads to the discovery of this extraordinary place.

On the Route des Phares it is possible to meet what are the most beautiful and evocative lighthouses in Brittany, and perhaps in the whole world. The road winds for about 90 kilometers and leads to some of the most unspoiled and iconic places in the whole territory.

Some of these lighthouses, almost all of them, are open to the public and allow visitors to climb to the top, from which it is possible to enjoy a breathtaking view. Among the most beautiful and fascinating we find that of Saint Mathieu, which takes its name from the promontory on which it is located. Solitary, majestic and imposing, this lighthouse is surrounded by jagged and towering cliffs that create a unique scenario in the world.

Among the most scenic lighthouses in all of Brittany we find the Petit Minou. Located on the northern coast, a few kilometers from Brest, this solitary guardian positioned overlooking the sea and connected to the land by a stone bridge, creates a unique panorama in the world. Impossible not to fall in love.

Then there is a lighthouse, not far from Brignogan, which amazes and enchants with its majesty. This is the Phare de l’Ile Vierge and, with its 83 meters of height, it is the tallest lighthouse in Europeand it’s spectacular.


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