There is no peace for Tom Cruise and Scientology. In the US, there are those who accuse Top Gun of “crimes against humanity”

Don’t let yourself be enchanted by Hollywood’s siren song – stars may not look as good in real life as they do on screen. To launch the warning is the actress Leah Remini, fresh from some controversial statements about the star of the moment, Tom Cruise, who has returned to the cinema with the second chapter of “Top Gun”. As the actor is acclaimed in the press and blessed by the box office, the colleague invites the fans to “not be fooled by the charm of a movie star”. The reason? Cruise, Remini argues, would be aware of abuses within Scientology.

The utterances of the artist, a former adept, follow those of her colleague Claire Headley, who in recent days had launched heavy accusations against the para-religious movement and the Hollywood star. “I’m glad all of you ‘Top Gun’ fans are enjoying the new movie. Personally, the recent posts on this film only serve to remind me of Tom Cruise and his crimes against humanity. You may think they are too extreme, but they are not. Destroying families is a crime against humanity. Ask yourself: when was the last time Tom talked to his only biological daughter, Suri? ”Headley wrote on Facebook.

“Tom Cruise promotes a dangerous cult that has also destroyed my family – continued the actress – the same cult that almost cost me my marriage and my life. The same sect that forced me to have an abortion and from which I fled in 2005 with $ 200 in his pocket “. “Thank God they didn’t find me. So no, I won’t watch the movie, or endorse or approve of the things this man does. Believe me, Cruise knows exactly who he is supporting and the abuses perpetrated by the organization. I worked with him. while I was there, ”he concluded.

It’s not the first time show business celebrities and the media have made claims about the relationship between Tom Cruise and Scientology. The actor is perhaps the most prominent adept: just think that David Miscavige, leader of Scientologists, in 2004 awarded him the “Medal of Freedom of Valor”, recognition for the most valiant and committed member of the church. From what is known, it is likely that the first wife Mimi Rogers, a colleague married in May 1987, introduced the protagonist of “Top gun” into the movement. 1990.

Since then, a long and complex history has linked the movement to the artist, so much so that it has reverberations on his private and sentimental life. The marriage with Nicole Kidman, married in December 1990, lasted over ten years and it is rumored that one of the reasons that led the couple to divorce was precisely of a religious nature: while Tom passionately adhered to the cult of Scientology, Nicole struggled to abandon its Catholic roots. The third wife, Katie Holmes, would end her experience in the church after the separation, returning to the Christian religion. In 2012 the couple reached an agreement for the custody and maintenance of their daughter Suri (born in 2006) who, however, two years later, Cruise would have decided not to see again: it is precisely this circumstance, reported on several occasions by the media. internationals, which Claire Headley’s post-denunciation refers to.

But did the actor really make this choice and why? Over the facts, for years, the mystery hovers. In the past, Cruise had even filed a lawsuit against a magazine accusing him of neglecting the child. But according to a former Scientology adept, Samantha Domingo, author of the book Je Suis a Cult Whistleblower: Scientology Kills, the removal would be explained by the fact that the movement did not take kindly to the contacts between the artist and Suri, who grew up following the religion of her mother. Domingo’s statements, released in 2019 to the American newspaper US Weekly, they were not commented on by Katie Holmes while Scientology replied that they “misrepresented the church, its practices and the way of life of its ministers.” If Suri was kept away from dad Tom’s creed, the fate of the other Cruise heirs were different: Isabella and Connor, the adopted children with Nicole Kidman, chose to convert. “Scientology is what I needed, I was drowning in problems. I say thank you to my father,” Isabella said a couple of years ago.

But what is Scientology? Founded by former science fiction writer Lafayette Ron Hubbard in 1954, the movement has as its main doctrine the liberation of the soul (called “thetan”) and the full expression of its potential (the organization is also famous for its critical ideas towards psychiatry). The individual “thetan” is an immaterial entity that has reincarnated several times in the course of history: what prevents its full realization are the negative and traumatic images of the mind (which take the name of “engram”). The technique used for liberation from “engrams” are the sessions of auditing which, writes the organization, “allow any person to pass from a condition of spiritual blindness to a true spiritual existence”. From a juridical point of view, the recognition of the status of “religion” is granted to the church only in some states, including the United States and Australia, while in most of Europe it is not recognized, indeed it is considered as a real sect. In 2005, according to the data provided by the same movement, there were 8 million practitioners in the world, but external sources have reduced the figures to variable numbers between 40,000 and 500,000. Since 1986, after the death of founder Hubbard, the church has been led by David Miscavige, a guru who would be very close to Tom Cruise. “He is the only celebrity who has a direct line to the leader,” a former security officer of the organization revealed in 2018.

Much has been said and written about the church, the origins of the Hubbardian and Miscavige cult. One of the most interesting reports of recent years is the one by Pulitzer Prize winner Lawrence Wright, who in his book “The prison of faith. Scientology in Hollywood ”(2015) tells everything from the founder’s first steps to the worldwide success of Scientology. Wright speaks critically of the sessions of auditing, of the public ceremonies that celebrate the triumphs of the church, of the conspicuous donations made by the followers, up to reporting the testimonies of former members who cite alleged abuses suffered after being stained with criticism towards the leaders of the movement. Scientology has always dismissed statements as being lies or exaggerations of resentful escapes: Wright’s own book, in fact, contains a long series of clarifications and denials from church leaders or famous followers. Will there be more after the statements by Leah Remini and Claire Headley?

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