There is nothing below! Natti Natasha’s dress that lets see this!

Holding the rhythm that Natti Natasha is carrying is not easy. The singer goes from here to there, offering concerts everywhere and driving millions of fans crazy around the world. It does not stop.

For this, it is necessary to take care of every last detail. From good rest and a balanced diet, to choose the most comfortable attire that involves minimal wear. And Natti also resorts to dispensing with underwear to move more freely. We also say because she is not the only artist who takes advantage of this trick.

Natti Natasha takes it off

In the following snapshot, for example, it is perfectly clear that on that day she decided to use this resource. An image captured, in addition, in our country. Well, this is a concert she gave in Ibiza in 2019.

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Gracias por esta noche tan especial @ushuaiaibiza @muchoibizaofficial 📸 @robefotografo

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An image that, on the other hand, shows that Natti Natasha does not need to be light in clothes to leave more than one and one breathless.

Natti Natasha removes the hiccups with or without

That the singer of the Dominican Republic has a spectacular big shot is evidence in the photos that go up to her Instagram account in which she poses lightly. And to show a button. Attention to the image we share below.

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Esperando el año nuevo 🏝🐍

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But just as evident it is made that Natti gives off a careful and profiled physical appearance when she looks more restrained models. And it is not necessary to look palm heart to make it clear that you enjoy an admirable and sensual body.

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