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The new health minister and the commission of inquiry: supplies in the pandemic to be clarified. The plan: fight waiting lists and inequalities

The commission of inquiry into Covid? “Well, there is something to understand. Especially on the procurement phase during the pandemic: masks and more ». The first coffee at the Senate buvette, the new Minister of Health, Orazio Schillacitakes it on the day when the controversy over the passage that Giorgia Meloni dedicated to Covid management (the “most restrictive” and which “had the worst data in terms of mortality and infections”, accuses the premier) and on the hope of a commission of inquiry to investigate the management in which there was who “did not spare himself in the ward” and “who made millionaire deals”. Words defined by Enrico Letta as “creepy”.

The question to Schillaci about an opinion is inevitable. As a technician, even before being a minister. Since he, former dean of the Faculty of Medicine and former rector of Tor Vergata, indicated by FdI, is a doctor: “Nuclear, like Ferruccio Fazio”, he specifies himself, alluding to the Minister of Health in the Berlusconi IV government. And the opinion is favorable. The new minister does not go into the merits of the reply, coming from the opposition, which contributed above all to the performance of Lombardy, led by the center-right, to the data of that disaster. “Who said it? The speech is more complexHe drops. Avoiding getting bogged down immediately in political controversy. After all can hardly be suspected of no vax sympathies, having been part of the Scientific Committee of the Higher Institute of Health during the period of the pandemic and working alongside Silvio Brusaferro. He was appointed by the Minister of Health himself, Roberto Speranza.

So he has little to do with the appeal he made yesterday in the Chamber by the former head of Health, Beatrice Lorenzin: “Cease the conflict between politics and science.” To which, moreover, Meloni replied: «I agree. But science is not religion. There was no scientific evidence behind your measures ». What Schillaci intends to do – he says so clearly – is “Dealing with concrete health problems”. And the first measures to which he intends to devote himself are those, he anticipates, intended “to combat long waiting lists, to take care of cancer patients and everything that at this moment contributes to making the system unfair”. «In all international indicators currently it is clear that the life expectancy of those with the highest income is longer than those with the lowest. That is, those with less means die before those who can afford private care. And this is unacceptable ”, points out the minister-doctor.

Fifty-six years old, from Rome, reviewer for over 50 magazines international scientific studies, since 2017 he is president of the Italian Association of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. By those who know him he is described as discreet, punctual, precise and tireless. Graduated from Sapienza in 1990, he is head physician of the Tor Vergata Polyclinic as well as being full professor and, since 2008, director of the graduate school of nuclear medicine. During his tenure as rector he decided to focus “on the quality and internationalization of research, including industrial”.

Then, at the time of his appointment as minister, he resigned. And yesterday, in a letter of greeting to his staff, he wrote that the position of minister “represents a high honor and can allow me to put to good use in the interest of all Italian citizens the experience gained as a doctor, as a teacher and as head of a university as important as ours ». “Of course – he added – the new responsibility at the service of the Republic does not allow me to continue my commitment as rector, but I assure you that I will continue to follow the life of the university with the same attention and passion as ever to give my sincere contribution whenever I am asked to do so ».

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