There Is Such a Popular Final Fantasy That It Is Sold out Even Digitally

The popularity of Final Fantasy XIV shows no signs of waning, quite the contrary

There’s Final Fantasy chapter that has become so popular that it’s even sold out digitally, not just physically.

The franchise is back in the limelight recently with Final Fantasy VII Remake, but apparently, there are many other episodes perhaps less “noisy” in the media but extremely profitable.

The series is looking back to its glorious past, with an operation known as Pixel Remaster, which will debut this month.

The initiative was not without controversy, regarding the methods of sale and the price of the individual remastered titles.

The chapter in question is Final Fantasy XIV, the increasingly popular MMORPG that has revived the online ambitions of the saga.

In particular, it is the Complete Edition that has “disappeared” – the one that includes all the contents up to Shadowbringers (ie, in addition to the latter, the Heavensward, and Stormblood expansions ) at a price of 59.99 dollars.

As Kotaku reports, the game sold out not only in physical format (something PC users are used to) but even digitally.

By accessing the official Square Enix store, you can see that the PC and PlayStation 4 versions can not be purchased in the form of a download code.

Trying to make the purchase you will find a “waiting list” button in place of the typical option to add the product to the cart.

It is good to note that Final Fantasy XIV is still available for Mac on the same site, as well as on Steam and PlayStation Store.

Certainly, however, it is curious that the house that produces a video game has run out, we do not yet know for how long, the digital copies of one of its flagship products.

As is observed on the net, it is plausible that it was also an attempt to calm access to its servers so as not to knock them out.

However, this would be a contradiction: a campaign has just been launched that guarantees free login for 14 days to returning players.

Be that as it may, Final Fantasy XIV just broke the all-time record for simultaneously logged-in players on Steam (and has over 22 million registered accounts ).

The PlayStation 5 version, which has just brought the title to the next-gen, also contributed to the engagement of new users.

All while the game prepares for the arrival of the new expansion, Endwalker, which will be available very soon.

And users loyal to the “numbered” trend are eagerly awaiting news of Final Fantasy XVI, which could be a little longer.

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