there is the announcement of his future

Gonzalo Higuainformer Napoli striker, after his farewell to Europe, from 2020 he plays in MLS with the shirt ofInter You love me.

The Argentine striker after his experiences in blue and at Juventushas never been able to express himself at very high levels, not even in his other two experiences at Milan and al Chelsea.

In particular, the player today gave an interview to ESPNa television broadcaster in the United States, in Miami, the seat of the retirement of Argentina and the place where the player himself lives.


These are his statements:

On its current moment: I’m in a great moment from a sporting and human point of view. When you are well humanly and mentally, it is difficult to feel bad from a sporting point of view. I am enjoying these games like when I was a child and I used to play in the square or in the park, without media exposure and pressure“.

About his future: I am preparing for the post-football, I know I’m at the end of my career. You have to be aware, a comrade once told me: you have to retire when you are still well. It is the most difficult decision, but so it is you who retires from football and not football which retires you. I know that time is approaching, but I haven’t made up my mind yet. In the future I don’t see myself close to footballBut first I want to finish my adventure in Miami ”.

On a possible return to Argentina: “I haven’t been back to Argentina for two years, i want to live here in the states. There is no going back for insecurity, for inflation, for the conditions in which people live. I talk to my friends and every day it gets worse. The truth is that I am privileged, many people do not have the possibility to leave and are forced to live there, but I will not go back to Argentina“.

About his past: “Now I’m very happy, maybe I’m older now. The many bad moments that I had to live both from a sporting and a human point of view, with the death of my mother, have taught me to look at life in another way. Touching the bottom made me grow humanly and I think that in the end the important things are human values, respect, empathy ”.

Put yourself in the MLS? “I have no idea what it will do. Messi is like Maradona, can not live anywhere. If she came here it would be an extraordinary revolutionno doubt”.

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