There is the result of another test by Klemens Muraki. Fatal lights

Just before Saturday’s trial session in Nizhny Tagil, it turned out that Klemens Murańka tested positive for COVID-19. His performance on Saturday was ruled out, and what’s worse, there was no chance that we would see him on Sunday. The Russians wanted Murańka to have two negative results so that he could qualify for the second competition. It was impossible for the results to come so soon. Now the only question is when Murańka will be able to leave Russia.

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New season, new hopes. “Kubacki can do everything. It could be his winter”

There is a result of another test by Murańka

As Michal Doleżal informed, another Murańka test was sent to three laboratories. TVP journalist Filip Czyszanowski said that the result from the first laboratory had already arrived. And it’s not good news. “Unofficial: one Klimek Murańka test is already here. Positive. We are waiting for two more out of two other laboratories” – wrote the journalist.

Doleżal MichalMichal Doleżal assessed the performance of Poles in Niżny Tagil. “It’s hard to explain”

The Polish national team is waiting for the next two Murańka results, but they are also to be tested themselves. As the journalist of Dominik Formela informed, “Murańka and the person from the German staff have an elevated temperature, so the Russians ordered additional tests of the Polish and German representation”. The tests were to be carried out on Sunday

This means that the Polish team can spend much more time in Russia than planned. Michal Doleżal revealed that the Poles were to fly to Kuusamo on Wednesday. If it turns out that there are more infections in addition to Murańka, the patients will have to stay in Russia until their tests turn negative again.

The beginning of the season in Nizhny Tagil is therefore extremely unsuccessful for the Polish team. In addition to problems with the coronavirus, Polish jumpers have a problem with the form for now. In the Sunday competition, Kamil Stoch did not even manage to enter the second series of the competition. Similarly to Dawid Kubacki. In the final, we could only watch Piotr y (16th place) and Andrzej Stękała (30th place). It was the worst competition during the term of office of Michał Doleżal.

Adam Małysz unequivocally summed up the performance of the Poles. Adam Małysz unequivocally summed up the performance of the Poles. “They are some withdrawn”

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