There will be a petition to remove Britney Spears’s father. The results will be assessed by the Supreme Court

Britney Spears came under her father’s tutelage in 2008 after suffering a mental breakdown. Then the court incapacitated her, and her father was to temporarily manage her life. Although the singer’s condition had long since improved, Jamie Spears did not resign from his new position in the family.

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“Pop Princess” tries to regain the rights to her life. At one of the online hearings, she confessed that she cries every day and is forced to take psychotropic drugs. Britney Spears has said that she cannot claim children and has to tell her father even when she wants to meet someone. After this statement, her current lawyer, Sam Ingham, moved away from the star.

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A petition to remove Britney Spears’s father will be assessed by the Supreme Court

The court allowed Britney Spears to choose his successor herself. The new celebrity attorney is Matthew Rosengart, who previously worked with such celebrities as, among others Steven Spielberg, Sean Penn and Ben Affleck.

The singer’s new lawyer told the media that his law firm has already started operations and is doing whatever it takes to remove her father’s custody from Britney Spears. Matthew Rosengart has a special plan that he wants to implement in front of the Los Angeles Supreme Court.

“My company and I are acting aggressively and swiftly to petition Jamie Spears’ removal unless he first resigns himself. I want to thank Britney Spears for her courage and strength “- he said during the meeting with journalists.

Let us recall that so far the court has rejected Britney Spears’ requests to remove her father’s guardianship from her. Fans from all over the world stood up for the singer, as well as other stars, including the singer’s former partner, Justin Timberlake.

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