There will be an investigation into the adoption of one of Angelina Jolie’s sons. Actress sono pay for a child? A shocking scandal is brewing

In 2002, Angelina Jolie adopted a Cambodian boy named Maddox. The actress was then using the services of Lauryn Galindo, who, a year after helping Angelina, was accused of numerous scams. The issue of Maddox’s adoption from the beginning raised many doubts, because it was assumed that the boy was not an orphan at all and that he had a family. At the time, Kek Galibru, head of the Licadho human rights agency, who investigated the adoption scandal, said he believed the boy was not abandoned and that he had biological parents who would like him back. The media reported at the time that the woman was forced to sell her son, which she did for just $ 100. Angelina Jolie immediately denied these reports and assured that the adoption was legal.

I would never rob a mother of her baby. I can only imagine how terrible it would be – she confessed.

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There will be an investigation into the adoption of one of Angelina Jolie’s sons

So far, this has been her only comment on this matter. Will she soon have to explain herself again? “The Sun” reports that student and director Elizabeth Jacobs, who was also adopted from Cambodia, is working on the documentary “The Stolen Children” about the adoption of children from the country. The woman wants to look into the Maddox case because she has many doubts.

I remember being interested in adopting Angelina Jolie as a child. If I had never had a chance to do this document, I would never have looked at my papers. I would never talk about the scandal behind it, said Elizabeth Jacobs.

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While reviewing her adoption papers (Lauryn Galindo also handled her case), she discovered many inaccuracies. Birthdays do not match, and information about biological parents is missing. In addition, the couple who adopted her were to pay Galindo to facilitate the adoption. It could be the same for the actress.

Angelina Jolie used the Seattle International Adoptions agency run by Lauryn Galindo and her sister Lynn Devin during the Maddox adoption process. Galindo, a year after helping the actress, was charged with document forgery, extortion and money laundering. The court sentenced her to 18 months’ imprisonment. In addition, she and her sister received a fine of PLN 150,000. dollars for forgery of documents to obtain US visas for “orphans”. Lauryn Galindo denied everything, and also confessed that in the case of Jolie, she focused even more on the case and checked all documents many times to make sure that everything was legally carried out. Interestingly, the media circulated information that the star had paid as much as nine million dollars to facilitate adoption.

Lauryn Galindo moved to Hawaii after his release from prison. When journalists from “The Sun” contacted her, she continued to deny any unflattering information about her. She admitted that she would be happy to help Elizabeth Jacobs with the work on her film and answer all questions. The director has not yet spoken to Galindo.

I consider myself a master of children, I am in contact with many children and will be happy to help, if Elizabeth has questions for me that might help her then I will. But she didn’t contact me – she said “The Sun”.

Interestingly, a similar case concerns Madonna, who also decided to adopt. Yohane Banda, the biological father of David, one of the singer’s sons, confessed that the child was unlawfully taken from him. A man who did not have a livelihood could not count on any help.

Do you think the movie by Elizabeth Jacobs will reveal the shocking facts?

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