There will be no agreement with Russia. Żurawski vel Grajewski: Unless NATO takes suicide steps

The NATO-Russia Council met in Brussels on Wednesday for the first time in 2.5 years. Earlier, a meeting between the Russian and US delegations in Geneva was devoted to “strategic stability”. So far, both sides have dug in their positions and it is not expected that they will make any concessions.

Russia is demanding “legal guarantees” not to enlarge NATO, saying it feels threatened. The West defends the principle of the Alliance’s “open door” and demands that Russia de-escalate from Ukraine.

We asked Professor Przemysław Żurawski vel Grajewski, a political scientist at the University of Lodz, whether these Russian-American talks so far made any sense, since they both stay with their own circles and whether they will bring any long-term effect.

– Conversations in the US-Russian format other than on the nuclear strategy make no sense as the United States does not have the power to represent NATO as a whole, and Russia is not a party that anyone should discuss in this format about the military use of third country territory or about the affiliation of third countries to the North Atlantic Alliance

– he said.

– Such a formula cannot be accepted. This is the Munich formula. This is how the fate of Czechoslovakia was discussed without its participation in negotiations with Hitler in AD 38. It is very good that the Americans rejected this subject, but it is disturbing that the negotiations themselves were undertaken

– he noticed.

Professor Żurawski vel Grajewski pointed out that the talks lasted quite a long time. “They ran for about seven hours, which meant that both sides presented their positions extensively and it was not to be expected that any decisions would be taken, as the level of the meeting precluded the possibility of making binding commitments,” he said.

The political scientist emphasized that it was good that “the European Union and NATO jointly supported the rejection of the demands of the Russian usurper.” “This is, of course, good news,” he pointed out.

– I think that these meetings made everyone aware that there will be no agreement with Russia unless it takes suicide steps, i.e. allows Russia to dictate NATO policy on enlargement and on what categories of NATO members should exist and how they are to be defended, or rather not defended. If these demands were accepted, it would mean the collapse of NATO and the suicide of the alliance. I think no one will go for such a solution

– finished.


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