There will be no vintage sale. In 2022, cars will be even more expensive – o2

The dealerships are empty and there is nothing to sell out, said the vice president of Carsmile.

According to an expert the second reason for the lack of sale of the vintage is the change in the producers’ pricing policy. As part of the sale of the year, dealers have offered discounts of up to 20-25 percent in recent years. the vehicle’s starting price. Today, sellers either do not offer discounts at all or they are minimal, Knitter pointed out.


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Fake “vintage sales”? It’s a marketing gimmick

He added that there are advertisements for automotive brands in the media encouraging them to participate in the alleged sale of the vintage, although there are not as many of them as in previous years.


However, you should be aware that this is only a marketing procedure using the catchy slogan “vintage sale”, which is in fact an offer to order a new car, for which – taking into account the average order fulfillment time – you will have to wait about half a year – explained Knitter .

As he noted, in 2022 cars will become more expensive. “I expect an average growth of about 15-20 percent within 12 months and the maintenance of production limitations, which will last at least until the end of 2022” – the expert estimates.




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