There will be no war in Ukraine

The former military is of the opinion that Russia will not decide to attack Ukraine, despite the concentration of troops in the region that has been going on for several weeks. As General Skrzypczak emphasized, Moscow is too weak to start an open conflict.

– Russia has no military advantage in the eastern direction. The potential gathered at the border with Ukraine is not able to beat the Ukrainian army, he said on Polish Radio 24.

– A military attack by Russia on Ukraine would mean Russia suffering huge losses. Putin does not want this. He knows that Ukraine will fight, that the Ukrainians are determined. Putin decides not to take such a step. He wants to achieve political goals, including those related to Nord Stream 2, the former deputy head of the Ministry of National Defense continued.

In his opinion, “Putin’s main goal is to force the West and President Biden to invite him to the table, to talk to him.” Therefore, Russia, through terror, is trying to persuade Western leaders to talk.

– Putin is trying to dictate terms by threatening to war with Ukraine. Putin will not allow anyone to tell him what to do. Therefore, let us not let Putin to us – the West – dictate what to do – assessed the general.

Biden-Putin conversation

Many experts fear Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. The Kremlin has been gathering troops on the border with this country for several weeks. The United States is trying to alleviate the situation. For this purpose, on December 30, the second telephone conversation in recent weeks between the US president and Russia took place.

As reported by the US administration, the presidents’ call is at the request of the Russian side, but is in line with the administration’s view of the importance of personal diplomacy at the present time of crisis. Biden and Putin agreed on the dates of a series of January talks: bilateral dialogue on strategic stability on January 9-10 in Geneva, discussions at the NATO-Russia forum on January 12, and at the OSCE forum on January 13.

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