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“There will be surprises”. This is what the pollster Alessandra Ghisleri, a guest of Tagadà on La7, claims, four days before the vote on 25 September. Without explicitly mentioning the polls Ghisleri explains what are the increases and decreases of the parties in the electoral campaign.

“What we left 15 days ago has undergone changes: in some cases it is increases in others instead decreases. There have been good pushes for some parties and a little less good for others. There are electoral campaigns much closer to the citizen who involve him more, making him dream in such a sad moment. Citizens need to find points of reference: there are people who have objective difficulties and in the continuity of their situation they want to keep, or rather they do not want to lose , what they managed to achieve. Each of us struggles to maintain our own state “explains Ghisleri. “Then there are difficulties within the coalitions because the first competitors are the allies, especially if you smell of momentum, and therefore you have a strong push, you have competitors who want to make their voices heard. So often there are rivalries that do not always justify those who do not win but as they all say on the winner’s wagon … “says the pollster who, concluding, underlines the importance of the large number of undecided.

If Draghi sees him ... Merlino stops Ghisleri, embarrassed in the studio with the pollster

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