There’s a funny, emotional romantic comedy on Netflix that grossed $140 million.

Want to watch a good romantic comedy? Watch this fun and exciting movie on Netflix tonight.

Even though more than ten years have passed, it still makes you smile and dream. Crazy Stupid Love and the romantic movie on Netflix which you absolutely must see.

Directed by Glenn Ficarra And John Requawas a box office hit (grossing a total of more than $140 million, three times its production costs), and has a special place in the hearts of all film lovers. rom-com because he scored the debut of one of the most beloved film couples.

That’s where Ryan Gosling And Emma Stone they shared the set and the story for the first time, kicking off a partnership that has been replicated with Gangster Squad and above all, with Damien Chazelle’s masterpiece, La La Landwinner of 6 Academy Awards and 7 Golden Globes.

Gosling comes to this film already with a long career behind him (he started treading the sets at a very young age, with the Mickey Mouse Club) and has long been the new face of romantic films par excellence.

He’s been very successful with The pages of our life by Nick Cassavetes (also available on Netflix) and from that moment his career took off.

Even Emma Stone already boasts a respectable apprenticeship when she is hired for this role, and she too above all in the context of romantic comedies, such as The revolt of the exes or Easy Girl. After Crazy Stupid Love she will move on to dramatic and intense roles, and to complex acting rehearsals that will consecrate her as a complete actress.

The cast of this film, streamable on Netflix, doesn’t stop at these two iconic actors. There are many other Hollywood film stars in more than central roles.

For example, Steve Carellas well as producer of the film, is the undisputed protagonist, the man from whose misadventures the events involving all the others begin.

But there are other well-known faces to share the screen with these three champions. Definitely relevant are the parts played by actresses such as Julianne Moore or Marisa Tomeiand there’s even a spot for Kevin Bacon.

Rhythmic and light-hearted, it has become a true classic of romantic filmography, which has met with both critics and audiences. The perfect vision for an evening of relaxation.

Do you want to know what this film is about in detail?

Crazy Stupid Love

Watch the trailer and read the story

Cal Weaver and his wife Emily are been married for twenty-five years. They have two children and a seemingly peaceful life without problems.

For this Emily’s confession that she cheated on Carl and want divorcecomes decidedly unexpected for the man, who can’t handle his new single life.

He starts hanging out at a bar where he gets drunk on cranberry vodka every night; he is no longer familiar with women, who in fact avoid him, and he thinks he is now condemned to loneliness.

But fate has a surprise in store for him. In one of the many desperate nights at the club, he meets a young man named Jacob Palmer, a charming playboy who is very successful with the opposite sex and offers himself as teacher of the art of seduction.

Meanwhile Robbie, Cal’s youngest son, is madly in love with his babysitter Jessica who, in turn, has a crush on Cal.

Things are complicated by the eldest daughter Hannah, Robbie’s teacher Kate and many other characters whose love misadventures intertwine with those of the protagonists.

Will Cal be able to treasure Jacob’s teachings and become a skilled Latin lover?

Will they all have their happy ending and finally find love?

Find out on Netflix by watching Crazy, Stupid, Love!

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