There’s a great Christmas Movie on Netflix, a funny and hilarious American comedy, to watch tonight.

A sentimental and hilarious ensemble film. A Christmas-themed comedy with a killer cast, which is very popular on Netflix. Here is the idea for a relaxing evening.

You were looking for one Christmas comedy American who carries a prestigious signature, with a group of famous Hollywood actors and to ensure a relaxing evening in front of the TV? Here is one movies to watch on Netflix that’s right for you, especially if you love the non-sappy romantic.

Let’s talk about “New Years in New York”, a 2011 film starring stars of the caliber of Halle Berry, Zac Efron, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert De Niro, Hilary Swank, Jessica Biel, Ashton Kutcher, Sarah Jessica Parker, Katherine Heigl, Lea Michele, Sofia Vergaraand also boasts the participation of the rock star Jon Bon Jovi.

Let’s say that just reading these names all together makes you want to watch! The direction is signed by Garry Marshall (“pretty woman”, “Appointment with love”, “Fear of loving“), which was able to enclose in a single film stars of the cinematographic firmament on a par with an equally stellar “Love Actually”.

In what is essentially an American cinepanettone, “New Years in New York” sinks its story into a more or less imaginative and predictable interweaving of many stories against the backdrop of New Year’s Eve. Personal stories that seek resolutions, jealousies, failures, illnesses, disappointments and hopes all linked to a common thread.

Lots of psychological facets, lots of characters, lots of faces that are entrusted to world-class actors to ensure credibility.

It is a film that pleasantly accompanies an unpretentious movie night, but which is among the Christmas movies from the Netflix catalog more suited to the end-of-year period for the subject matter, but in reality suitable for every season.

Will the lives of the protagonists be able to take the most useful path to their resolution?

New Years in New York

Watch the trailer and read the story

We are in New York on New Year’s Eve. There are many stories that intertwine, with many individual protagonists looking for one more reason to celebrate the long-awaited anniversary.

There is a woman who intends to bring into the world the first baby of the new year; a Times Square decorator; a singer due to perform at the midnight concert, destined to meet an old flame of his; a middle-aged secretary who seeks psychological comfort in a much younger boy; there is a newly divorced with a teenage daughter in charge who promises a blind encounter with the handsome boy who has always been reluctant to celebrate; but also a terminally ill patient cared for by a loving nurse.

In short, there are many lives as there are many facets highlighted by the plot, which has to play with fortuitous encounters, resolutions, crossroads of fate and more or less pleasant fatalities. What will become of the lives of the protagonists at the end of the night of great celebrations?

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