There’s a must-see noir thriller on Prime Video, a thriller full of suspense

For all thriller lovers: an unmissable thriller is available on the Prime Video streaming platform, which has received excellent reviews from lovers of the genre.

The film inspired by the American chronicle

Suspense, jumpscares and twists are the key elements of this masterpiece, where the classic themes of the thriller genre are woven into a brilliant story. The plot is inspired by an event that really happened, and was directed by the very famous Australian director Phillip Noyce. The story had an impact on American public thought at the end of the 80s, with a tragic implication that caused an international sensation.

An FBI member and his low-class lover begin a secret affair, where the woman is among other things a spy for the agent. The story stirs up a scandal when she comes out.

The story is sensational as it is the first member of the FBI to be convicted of murder in the eightiesa fact narrated by the New York times, in particular by the editor Joe Sharkeey.

Two big-time actors: the queen of Game of ThronesEmilia Clarke, has in fact the role of co-star. Although the film is quite distant from the sci-fi genre, the performance is brilliant and flawless. In fact, the actress manages to range from roles in raw products as in the case of Game of Thrones, to dramatic comedies such as Me before you. Our Emilia can play a queen, a funny girl, a perfect lover.

Jack Huston, ie the agent, is another outstanding performer featured in products such as House of Gucci, and a relative of director John Huston.

After talking a bit about the cast and the general context, we’ll tell you some sneak peeks about the plot, but no spoilers!

“Above Suspicion”, the plot of the noir thriller

This is the title of the long-awaited film, in which Mark Putnam is inside the highly secretive organ of the FBI, and for this he arrives in a small forgotten town in Kentucky, where he also takes his wife with him. He is chosen to go on a secret missionand it is here, in the middle of the Appalachian mountains, that he meets a girl he falls in love with, who begins to spy for him.

Although they are very different, with divergent mentalities, the man and the woman decide to plunge into an adulterous relationship, with different causes that push them to act. In fact, in his case, approaching the woman could lead him to solve the case that lies behind his mission, while for the woman the relationship represents a possibility of redemption to escape from a poor and painful life.

The evolution of their story will lead to unexpected consequences that will change their destiny. An intricate, complex, engaging and dramatic story.

If you’re curious to know what will happen to the two, and what are the secrets behind the protagonist’s goal, we can’t tell you anything else than inviting you to watch the film.

We therefore urge you to unravel all the mysteries that lie behind a news story that has been heard throughout the United States.

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