These 10 cities pay you to move there – that’s what they are

How many times have we happened to want to change our life, to want to change cities and start all over from scratch. There are cities that pay you to move to a new place and live in these suggestive places. In addition, many people are looking for opportunities, new jobs, schools and universities to enroll in, internships and collaborations of all kinds with companies and organizations.

The news

The news circulating these days, however, can help us. There are cities that give you the opportunity to move there in order to start a new life, with a job. We could go to one of the many cities that, in the world, give money to those who move there. Yes, that’s right, they are data funds to support the rent in the first months, the costs of the move and are also given as a grant. For those looking for a home in the US, for example, the choice falls on ten cities in particular. These are the ten cities that pay, and do so from the first month, those who decide to take a home and move to their territory. Let’s see what they are.

The cities that pay you to move there

Cities are mainly located in the United States. These are Bemidji, in the state of Minnesota, then Bentonville, which is instead located in Arkansas and again Lincoln, in Kansas and Morgantown, in West Virginia. And also New Haven, Connecticut. And then there are the other five. Here too, to move to these cities you receive sums ranging from 2,000 to 9,000 dollars, which in euros is more or less the same. Newton, Iowa; North Platte, Nebraska and Topeka, Kansas. Finally, the famous Tulsa, which is located in Oklahoma and West Lafayette, Indiana.

Help for graduates and workers

One of the great examples of depopulation is Detroit, Michigan. The crisis in the economic and automotive sectors has caused the fourth most populous city in the United States to drop to 18th place in just a decade. To attract human capital, the local government has joined the Challenge Detroit program since 2008, which offers scholarships for graduates who move to live and work in the city. It also chooses 30 trainees to work for one year in local companies and non-profit organizations. Hamilton, Ohio. This small town 45 minutes from Cincinnati offers up to $ 5,000, about € 4,560, as a college loan. The Talent Attraction program began in 2018 and covers all science, technology, engineering, math and art graduates from the past seven years who still have more than $ 10,000 in debt.

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