these 10 incredible films that make A24 the best current studio

For several years now, the studio A24 has become THE inevitable American film studio! With a catalog filled with daring horror films, playful sci-fi films and exciting series, A24 has become more than a film studio: a brand. Here is proof of its importance with ten films and series acclaimed by critics and the public.

#1 Everything Everywhere All At Once – The Daniels (2022)

everything everywhere all at once

Acclaimed by word of mouth, Everything Everywhere All At Once was one of the most beautiful surprises of 2022. Winner of seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actress, this sci-fi flick teaches the MCU a wonderful lesson in the multiverse. We follow the adventures ofEvelyn Wang, Chinese-American forced to connect to all versions of herself from parallel dimensions in order to save her family, and more broadly the universe. Both funny and moving, this pop film is a wonderful tribute to cinema, from Hong Kong action films to Ratatouille from the Pixar studio, via In the Mood for Love by Wong Kar-wai.

#2 Midsommar – Ari Aster (2019)


After the huge success of Heredity, Ari Aster signs a second feature film which definitively establishes him as the leader of a new generation of directors revolutionizing contemporary horror cinema. Buoyed by the impressive performance of Florence Pugh, Midsommar East a sunny horror film, in the line of Tea Wicker Man by Robin Hardy (1973). Beautifully staged and endowed with dark humour, Midsommar is an essential part of the A24 cinema. Note that on the occasion of the DVD/Blu-Ray release of the amazing Beau is Afraidthird feature by Aster, Midsommar comes out in a limited edition containing the Director’s Cut.

#3 Euphoria – Sam Levinson (2019-…)


If A24 produces and distributes independent films, the studio also co-produces series, in collaboration with industry giants. This is the case ofEuphoria by Sam Levinson. This adaptation of an Israeli series, directed by Sam Levinson, was highly acclaimed by audiences and critics. Telling the daily life of a group of Generation Z high school students plagued by various addictions (to hard drugs, to sex), the series is carried by the excellent Zendaya, who signs here her best role. The series also revealed young actor Angus Cloud, who sadly passed away last July at the age of 25. We regret that the new series by Sam Levinson, The Idolco-produced by A24 and HBO, did not have the quality of its predecessor.

#4 Relentless – Lee Sung Jin (2023)


Cash among the most beautiful surprises that Netflix has reserved for us in recent years, relentless (BEEF in English) is also one of the best works of the A24 studio. The series, created by Korean-American Lee Sung Jin, tells the confrontation between two young Asians, an unlucky young entrepreneur and a bourgeois business owner, who will descend into an escalation of revenge ! This dark comedy stars the always-awesome Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead, burning, minari) and comedian Ali Wong. absolutely thrilling, relentless is a must-see series!

#5 X & Pearl – Ti West (2022)


After having officiated for several years in the independent horror film world, filmmaker Ti West reached a new status in 2022 with the release in quick succession of two films which met with monstrous success: X And Pearl. The first film immerses us in the 70s: the shooting of a porn film turns into a nightmare ; the second film, prequel to Xtells us the youth of the first film antagonist in 1918 Texas. Superbly staged, the first two parts of this horrific trilogy carried by the extraordinary Mia Goth were hailed by the legendary Martin Scorsese!

#6 The Lighthouse – Robert Eggers (2019)

the light house

After the excellent The Witchwe were all impatiently waiting to discover the second feature film by Robert Eggers. Unveiled at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019, The Lighthouse is an extraordinary success. We follow the fate of two lighthouse keepers in 1890s New England, wonderfully played by Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe. A hypnotic camera, enhanced by staging and photography inspired by German expressionism (the film was shot with a camera from the 1940s)… A must see!

#7 Men – Alex Garland (2022)


Revealed to have written the screenplay of the cult 28 days later by Danny Boyle Alex Garland made his directorial debut with the excellent sci-fi film Ex Machina, distributed by A24. (We didn’t include it in our selection because the studio didn’t produce the film.) For his third feature film, released in 2022, he turns away from his favorite genre (SF) to try his hand at horror ; the director therefore calls on A24 to format Men. A young widow tries to find herself in the English countryside. But all the men in the neighborhood have the same face. A horror film that intelligently deals with the relationship between men and women. We recommend!

#8 Uncut Gems – The Safdie Brothers (2019)

uncut gems

Released in 2019 on Netflix, Uncut Gems is the latest film from the Safdie brothers, who are among the most exciting directors of New York independent cinema. Produced by Martin Scorsese (which came out that year The Irishman) and featuring the excellent Adam Sandler (Punch-Drunk-Love), Uncut Gems is a mad race against time in which a slightly rogue jeweler finds his life descending into chaos after his wares are stolen when he was about to sign the sale of the century. An impressive film, with a terribly effective staging and a mind-blowing pace.

#9 Minari – Lee Isaac Chung (2020)


Before working on the saga Star Wars by directing the third episode of season 3 of The Mandalorian and working on the upcoming series Skeleton Crew, Korean-American director Lee Isaac Chung moved the world with minari, in which he studies the family structure of Korean families exiled to the United States. Film autobiography, autopsy of the American dream, portrait of a family trying to integrate, minari is a marvel, whose graceful realization is reminiscent of the tree of life by Terrence Malick. Special mention also to Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead, burning, relentless), which delivers a grandiose interpretation!

#10 Heredity – Ari Aster (2018)


First feature film by Ari Aster, Heredity is one of the most terrifying horror films of recent years. Acclaimed by critics and the public, the film immediately propelled its director among the great names of contemporary cinema. – the rest of his career will prove that his first attempt was not just an isolated miracle. In line with the late William Friedkin (The Exorcist), Aster weaves a psychological drama that leaves no one indifferent!

For the coming years, A24 seems to have an equally busy schedule. For example, we look forward to the series The Sympathizerco-produced with HBO and entirely directed by the brilliant Park Chan-wook (old boy).

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