These 10 lire today are worth a fortune, you will become rich if you still keep them: check immediately

If you have a piggy bank stored somewhere, it is worth breaking it to check for this 10 lire coin.

10 lire of value –

If you were to find this 10 lire coin you could really turn your economic life around.

10 lire: why look for them

The transition from the lire to the euro took place 22 years ago. Still, some nostalgic people may still have old coins preserved. In particular, those that would have the most value are the old currencies, which were taken out of circulation long before the euro arrived. For example, the 5 and 10 lire coins. A tour of the attic or cellar is also worthwhile. In many old houses, for example, it was customary to frame coins.

10 lire
10 lire –

Some, issued in particular years, with specific endorsements, in fact, could be worth a lot of money. Rather than leaving old piggy banks to get dusty, why not try breaking them? You could really turn your financial situation around. Let’s see which 10 lire coin you need to look for.

Which ones to look for

In your piggy bank or yours personal collection of memories, you should look for the 10 lire coin from 1955. On the back there must be two ears. In fact, this particular coin takes the denomination of 10 lire ear. On the other side of the coin there is the value of the coin and the author of the engraving or Romagnoli. There is also the depiction of a plow, symbol of an Italy which, at that time, based its economy on agriculture. The writing relating to the Italian Republic in addition to the thousandth year of minting must not be missing.

The peculiarity is also that the two ears are a little divergent from each other. The coin was inaugurated in the 1950s while the lire were permanently withdrawn in 2002.

The 10 lire of 1955 can worth about 15 euros, in the case in which it is found in Fior di Conio that is the coin has never circulated. If it is found in SPL condition or splendid, however, the coin is worth 4 euros. If in bad condition it is worth nothing.

It is therefore easy to understand that if you have a piggy bank full of 10 lire coins from 1955 in Fior di Conio, you can have a small fortune. However, becoming filthy rich with a coin of this type is very rare.

piggy bank
piggy bank –

Despite this, auctions are circulating in which, this kind of coins can also be beaten for 1000 euros. The advice is to be cautious before embarking on such a purchase. Primarily because the actual value is not known but also because the coins should be seen live before being purchased.

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