These 11 Movie Scenes Were Not Planned That Way

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During the filming of a feature film, each scene is usually shot several times until everything is perfect. But from time to time, actors and actresses improvise lines that weren’t in the script. And sometimes those scenes are so good that the directors keep them.


“But Why the Male Model?” by JP Prewitt After answering the question, Ben Stiller asked the exact same question. In fact, the actors forgot their lines and repeated themselves instead of interrupting, giving the scene a Caucasian look.


In the “picture me like one of your French girls” scene, Leonardo DiCaprio mistook the bed for a sofa and propped himself up, adding to Jack’s fascination, giving a genuine sense of awkwardness. Director James Cameron decided to keep the scene as is, and he was right.

the Scream

billy accidentally knocks stu off the phone the Scream, It wasn’t planned, but Stu stayed in character and replied, “Hey, you hit me with the phone, asshole!”

Mrs. doubt fire

The set lights were so hot that Robin Williams’ “homemade beauty mask” started melting into the coffee. Director Chris Columbus said that this impromptu scene was so funny that he decided to continue filming it. She turns out to be one of the funniest in the entire film.

princess against him

In the Disney film, Mia and Lily climb the stands of a basketball stadium, then Mia falls. It was not planned. The benches were wet and Anne Hathaway slipped while putting her foot down, falling and then laughing out loud.


In the episode where Chandler is dating Rachel’s boss, he is handcuffed to a chair. Rachel frees him, but then puts the handcuffs on a drawer. What wasn’t in the script was Chandler banging his head against the drawer in an attempt to rid himself.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

According to his co-stars and director David Yates, Rupert Grint (Ron) was often found laughing in serious scenes. Like when Harry, Hermione and Ron talk about the kiss between Harry and Cho and all three laugh out loud.


Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski rehearsed the balloon scene three times, and filmed the scene a total of thirteen times. Each time, as expected, the air slowly came out. When Jim pierced the ball for the fourteenth time with the scissors, it suddenly burst.

no news

Alicia Silverstone Didn’t Know She Pronounced ‘Haitians’ Wrong no news, Director Amy Heckerling didn’t want to reformat it, as she believed it fit her character perfectly: “When you’re absolutely sure you’re doing something right, you tend to behave that way.” do that if you know you’re doing it it can’t be repeated.” I am doing wrong.

Django Unchained

Leonardo DiCaprio cut his hand on a piece of glass Django Unchained, But he kept playing even though he was bleeding. For this performance, the people present on the set applauded in unison at the end of the scene.


Kiss someone in a spacesuit? Not so easy. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt discovered it on set passengers, the actress told USA Today“Our heads could not touch. We laughed at it and then included it in the film.

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