These 3 fish are dangerous for the health of your children: stop buying them now

Here is the list of fish not to buy, they could be very harmful to your children’s health. They are found in all supermarkets

There health of our children is very important, a priority for all mothers in the world. Sometimes it happens that some foods can damage the body of the youngest, especially that of children. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to stay get informed and never get distracted, there could be very unpleasant consequences. Today we will try to provide you with some useful information to avoid nasty surprises.

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According to some recent studies, there are at least three fish than one pregnant woman should not consume, for any reason. These foods are unsafe and it also confirms this Dan BrennanAmerican professor very experienced in the field: “It would be better to consume fish once or twice a week, avoiding foods that contain a specific substance”. What substance is the doctor talking about? Here are all the details.

Three fish that pregnant women should not consume

Here are the three fish that contain the most mercury and that a pregnant woman should not consume. These are dishes widely consumed by Italians (two in particular), they can be found in all supermarkets and in any grocery store. For this reason, it is very important to keep this list in mind.

  • Swordfish: swordfish has a fairly high average load of mercury and is the species most exposed to this substance, which is very harmful to the body of children and adults. This food is widely consumed in our country, the fresh one usually comes from Spain and is almost always fished in the Mediterranean Sea.
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  • EmerySharks have a slightly lower mercury load than swordfish. They are large predators, eat other fish and have a very high level of mercury in their bodies.
  • Bluefin tuna: large tuna have a rather high mercury level, especially those caught in the Mediterranean Sea. There is no problem for canned tuna, usually it is the yellow fin species, small in size, which has a mercury load that respects the limits imposed by law.

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