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While the start of the school year is already far behind us and our agenda is already Fashion Week, it is time to take stock of the trends and new products that will mark the end of this year (and the next). Among a must-have in our seasoned fashionista’s wardrobe, bags hold an undeniable place. And if our current account prevents us from buying all the luxury It bags we would like, these new bag brands are perfect alternatives to combine style and a tighter budget.

Bag trends 2023: 5 brands to follow closely to find it bags that are as desirable as they are affordable

The cool barometer of a bag or a fashion piece? Celebrities and expert fashionistas who wear it. And these labels to follow closely are enough to explode all the stats: if Kendall Jenner and her sister only swear by the 3.0 and ultra-chic bags from Aupen and Little Liffner, Ashley Olsen has set her sights on the Dragon Diffusion braided leather models while Beyoncé wears her Brandon Maxwell at arm’s length on Instagram and Doja Cat parades on the red carpet with an adorable Puppets and Puppets bag.

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Bag trends 2023: these new, still confidential names that will make our end of the year (and the next one)

So good news for fashionistas: these five bag claws as cool as they are affordable, they have enough to compete with luxury star models thanks to their originality but above all… Their confidentiality. Because yes, it’s an undeniable fact, it’s always pleasant to be asked the question “And where does your bag come from?” » and to impress the gallery by responding with the new brand that the fashionistas are trying to keep secret. You are served with these five new names to follow closely and to disclose, or not, as you wish.

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