These 7 starches, to integrate fissa in our meals, are the least caloric

Avoid starchy foods if you want to lose weight permanently“. This is a maxim that we have heard frequently. Accused of being too sweet, too caloric and difficult to digest by many, most of them, on the contrary, provide carbohydrates which are slowly absorbed by the body. They are therefore a real fuel for the body. And to change the endless pasta, you are given a list of starchy foods that you can consume without moderation.

The bean

This legume cultivated for centuries and staple food for many populations, the bean is considered a starch because of its complex carbohydrate content. Source of vitamins, fiber and minerals. Its energy value is on average 65 calories per 100 grams.

Sweet potato

The skin and flesh of the sweet potato contain fiber when cooked. These make it possible to reach the feeling of satiety more quickly and thus, to eat less. This tuber also has many antioxidants and has an average of 80 calories per 100 grams.

Wheat semolina

100 grams of wheat semolina (cooked) has around 100 calories. But the calorie count can quickly which is perfect paired with vegetables to balance blood sugar. Be careful, however, not to have a heavy hand on the butter or olive oil, otherwise the calories will increase!


This flour (…)

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