These anime series deserve decent video games. Licenses go to waste

Anime has been a field that has been a great inspiration for video game developers for years. Various studios use stories that are transferred from the most promising manga to the screens to allow fans to enter their beloved worlds on their own. And considering sales, it’s definitely a good decision in many cases. No wonder it all blooms.

And although such are the leaders brands like Dragon Ball or Narutothere are many smaller ones that have never received the appropriate applause. What’s more, there are also bigger titles that still don’t get the video games they deserve. Either they did not get any, or they did, but they never enjoyed the proper popularity or recognition. These are the brands that I want to deal with in this text.

I will present you some animewhich should definitely get decent high-budget video games. They all have a lot of potential and you should definitely get interested in them. Without further ado, let’s start with the first one.


This is the most obvious for me. Among the “big three shonens” (One Piece, Naruto and just Bleach) this title still did not get the right games. Sure, two generations ago, there were some interesting proposals, but none of them was remembered for long. And the potential is huge – for a decent fight, for example. Maybe 3D, or maybe like Dragon Ball FighterZ. There are many options.

Cowboy Bebop

Recently, this title has been particularly loud – of course due to a very unsuccessful acting adaptation created on behalf of Netflix. The anime itself is still a huge classic and a phenomenal adventure. I must admit that I dream of something similar to Telltale Games games, where we could experience these adventures by taking part in them ourselves. The potential is huge and maybe it would be a better option than a live action movie …

Jujutsu Kaisen

I love this fresh series so much that I would even accept a new game from Cyberconnect2 with a smile on my face on the same terms as the previous Ultimate Ninja Storm for Naruto or the newest item from the world of Kimetsu no Yaiba. It could be great, and the character mix would only be a plus. You don’t even need an open-world story mode here. Give it to me!

King of Shamans

If, however, I were to receive something in the form of a game in which I would get a large and extensive world with great freedom of movement, then let it be the King of the Shamans! A position with a plot that revolves around a great tournament, where we encounter opponents, go through the stages and follow the path from a novice warrior to – potentially and in good winds – the title King of Shamans.

Hajime No Ippo

How about a boxing game based on Hajime no Ippo? For me, this anime series (and the manga itself) is of great importance and if only to approach the subject with the appropriate care, we could get a really solid production bordering on sports and fantasy. Is there a chance for such a position? I do not think so. But does Ippo deserve to jump into a decent video game? Of course.


And if we are already at fights … But I would like to see Baki! Ever since the anime hit Netflix, it has really grown in popularity. So I believe there is a chance that a video game will also be released. And like Jujutsu Kaisen, I would be pleased with both the 2D and 3D design. All in good quality, with many characters and in a phenomenal setting for the clashes themselves.

Hunter x Hunter

I have not yet mentioned the action adventure game in the list, a Hunter x Hunter would be perfect for that. I dream of playing in this universe and I would even settle for something in the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot scale. A small variation of RPG genres and action that would allow us to step into Gon’s shoes and face numerous opponents with a group of friends. This world has great potential for this type of production.

Vinland Saga

Items that revolve around Viking themes are something that is not lacking in the gaming industry. After all, we have strategic, adventure and RPG productions, as well as loud AAA hits like last year’s Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. It just means that there is interest in these topics. AND The “Winland Saga” in the form of an action game could be a perfect answer to the demand. Anyone who has had the opportunity to watch anime (or read manga, which is also published in our country) will surely agree with me that it is the highest quality in terms of world construction.


I will not surprise anyone if I write about the fact that I dream of a soulslike game from From Software, which would take place in the world of Berserk. Unfortunately, the manga author passed away recentlyso the licensing issues would probably be a lot more confusing now. After all, it is something worth the candle, because the designs of characters, storylines and opponents would fit perfectly into this formula. You guys will agree, right? I’d love to die there.

Made in Abyss

Probably the least known anime on the list, but I recommend it to anyone. A phenomenal combination of candy graphics with an incredibly brutal storyline. What would I like to get here? A platform game! Use the idea with the successive layers of the title Abyss, beautifully convey the wonderful atmosphere of each of them and the opponents who seem to be characteristic of a given level. It’s actually a recipe for success.

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