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The result of many years of research in the fields of augmented reality and virtual reality Apple Vision Pro They are presented as a viewer that combines both technologies, seeking to provide a unique experience.

Users will be able to interact naturally with digital environments using gestures, voice and eye movements. The viewer uses Apple’s new operating system visionOS Powered by macOS, iOS and iPadOS.

The system includes a three-dimensional user interface that adapts to the user’s environment and preferences. Furthermore, it stands out for its intuitive gesture control, making it easy to navigate through all menus and applications.

exist. .between VisionOS Highlights The most intriguing of these are the Environments, where you’ll be immersed in impressive virtual landscapes, from valleys to beaches to the surface of the moon.

Extensive catalog of 3D content

Another of Apple Vision Pro’s most significant advantages is its extensive catalog of 3D content; they span movies, TV series, and video games. The content can be viewed at a 180-degree angle and will be available on Apple TV and Apple Arcade.

Apple TV will be available for the system Over 150 3D series and movies With excellent image and sound quality.

Apple Arcade, on the other hand, has more than 250 games that are compatible with Apple Vision Pro and can be controlled through Bluetooth devices such as controllers or steering wheels, including “Need for Speed”, “Lego Brawl”, “Sonic Dream Team”, etc. .

Tools for Productivity and Creativity

Apple Vision Pro is more than just entertainment, it’s positioned as a tool perfect for productivity and creativity.

Viewer allows you to use applications of any sizewhich promotes multitasking and collaboration.

The device also opens up new possibilities for content creators (making it one of the most anticipated devices of the year), allowing them to design and edit 3D projects using apps like Adobe Aero or the Unity video game development program .


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