These are the most awarded games of the year

Since video games became popular in the 1980s and 1990s, the industry has completely changed. Video games have better graphics, more content, longer and longer content, and huge open worlds. Creating a game with beautiful graphics shouldn’t be a compelling reason to win an award.After reading the Golden Joystick Awards and Game Awards, I still have to summarize 2023 Steam AwardsWhere Baldur’s Gate 3 Win GOTY again and title like starry sky already won Gameplayalthough it doesn’t offer much innovation.

In 2023, many long-awaited and interesting games have been released.The sequel to Breath of the Wild, titled tears of kingdom, can be considered the best Nintendo Switch release of the past year.Titles such as high fidelity sprint They caught our attention, both because of the art part and because their gameplay is so fun. P’s liesEven though it’s been compared numerous times to games like Bloodborne and Legend of Souls, it manages to stand out and offer a unique touch. Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Freedom And with update 2.0, it manages to update and improve aspects of the game that we didn’t expect to see a few years later.

“Starfield” won the 2023 Steam Awards Innovative Game Award

Also launched in 2023 Diablo 4more than ten years have passed since the release of “Diablo 3”. Alan Wake 2 It’s even longer, as the first game was released in May 2010 and its sequel was released just a few months ago. These are just some of the games coming in 2023, because as we said, it’s a pretty good year in this area. Not all games received great reviews; Starfield, for example, was a big hit upon launch. Granted, its results aren’t too bad, but users have criticized it for offering too little.

For many, Starfield is as flawed as Bethesda’s previous games.For example, they complain about their National People’s Congress There’s barely any interaction or dialogue change, which goes to show how few of them contribute.all those planet If we consider that most of them are empty Or have facilities for exploring and gathering resources.The game has also been criticized for not offering any new content, but reportedly 2023 Steam Awards, starry sky Awarded The most innovative gameplay.

“Hogwarts Legacy” won the Best Steam Deck Game Award, and “Baldur’s Gate 3” won another GOTY Award

Hogwarts Legacy sells Elden ring

A lot of people won’t agree with the 2023 Steam Awards award given to Starfield, but at the end of the day, the two major awards shows have already taken place and the game wasn’t very successful there.At The Game Awards 2023“Baldur’s Gate 3” won GOTY (Game of the Year) is the same as the Golden Stick Award in the same year.Well, nothing changes in that regard for the 2023 Steam Awards, as Baldur’s Gate 3 once again takes home the GOTY title and wins second prize of”Excellent game with deep story“.

mazelike Winning the VR Game of the Year Award, the “Love and Dedication” Award was presented to Red Dead Redemption 2.The award is Best Games on Steam Deck it’s over Hogwarts Legacy The best games to play with friends are fatal company.We also have an award for the best difficulty game, which corresponds to master and one of the best soundtracks The Last of Us Part 1.Finally, we have diver dave as a more relaxing game atomic heart Known as “excellent visual style”.

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