These celebrities admitted being depressed! Here’s what they say today!

The journalist and presenter spoke honestly about her fight against depression, Agata Młynarska. In February this year, she published a post in which she confessed what her life was like with depression. This entry surprised fans who did not realize that famous journalist she struggled with the disease for years.

– Many times I have not had the strength to do anything, even to remove my makeup, to get out of bed. I was on automatic pilot, with a trained smile that felt like physical pain. Besides, my whole body ached. I could not sleep, I woke up in the morning with elusive anxiety, thoughts, trembling heart. At work, I was like a machine, efficient, effective and energetic. And it did not agree with me, it was deceiving me. I explained to myself that since I was able to do well at work and at home, I could not feel sorry for myself and I had to get myself together, pick up myself – the journalist confessed.

– Life upsetting my plan once again threw me to the brink of despair and I was taken to a psychiatrist, and then to therapy. Since then, I have my mood under control, I give myself the right to feel sad and tired, but I know that when uncontrolled, they lead to depression. Many years of therapy allowed me to understand the mechanisms that have been disrupted over the years. Very slowly, breaking through my feelings, difficult emotions, tears, reluctance, I recovered and found peace, gaining strength. And I am telling you – it can be done! It is possible! There is only one condition – you need to trust the help of professionals – doctors and psychotherapists. You also need the courage to ask for help. I sensitize you with all my heart to “catch” your well-being. Take a look at yourself, don’t postpone it, later may be too late! Look around, talk to your loved ones how they feel, how they cope with what has happened to us all, in which we have been sitting for a year … Depression can have a smiling and happy face! It hides under the eyelid, poisons thoughts and feelings. Every depression is different. It has many faces. It is a disease that needs to be treated. There is nothing to be ashamed of in it! And therapy is the greatest way to inner harmony, self-knowledge and development! I send a lot of good energy to people suffering from depression and I wish you good health – Agata Młynarska wrote, to lift the spirits of the fans who suffer from this insidious disease.

Meghan Markle, during the famous already interviewing Oprah Winfrey she admitted that she had to fight depression as well. Prince Harry’s wife She confessed that the disease appeared while she was pregnant and that she had to deal with low moods and suicidal thoughts during such a difficult time. When she finally found the courage and went to ask for support from the royal family, she was refused help and told to fend for herself. Though Meghan’s confession did not convince everyone, and even some accused her of lying, the words of Harry’s wife undoubtedly helped many people struggling with this disease – they believed that depression does not choose and can catch everyone.

She also fought depression wife of Cezary Pazura, Edyta, who honestly told about the backstage of her illness. Edyta Pazura she was ill a few years ago, and in the fall of this year she published an entry in which she revealed that if she had trusted doctors earlier, she would have avoided many difficult experiences.

– Depression is not leprosy and people who are mentally weaker or less resistant to stress do not get sick. There is no rule, but I know one thing. This disease does not fall from the sky, and if you listen to “bullies” and stories of strange content, it may end in a tragedy. Not only for you, but also for your relatives and family – Edyta Pazura wrote.

The fact that I had anxiety and depression does not make me worse. Now, in retrospect, I have the impression that I have been through it before and I regret very much that I did not ask for professional help earlier – she added.

For many years, she also fought depression singer Edyta Bartosiewicz, who in one of the interviews revealed that “she was close to physical death, she felt she was leaving”.

– I clung to life with all my strength. You want to live You just don’t want to die. Anyway, it is not so easy to die, cross over to the other side – Edyta Bartosiewicz revealed, confessing that her voice problems contributed to her condition. Then it was only worse and today the singer has many years of psychotherapy to her credit and is slowly regaining full strength.

She also honestly told about her fight against depression actress Angelina Jolie. Jolie suffered from depression as a teenager:

– I was unhappy. I was hurting myself. I underestimated life she revealed in the “Wall Street Journal”, admitting that she is most fortunate today in philanthropy and charity, and that this is what she is most willing to devote to today, also for the sake of her mental health.

As Interia has learned, it can also fight depression Jaroslaw Gowin. The former deputy prime minister and head of the Covenant was hospitalized and, according to our information, he was diagnosed with a sudden nervous breakdown.

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