These denim sandals will give a 2000 twist to all your summer looks

Summers have well and truly settled in and our feet are already used to revealing themselves and getting some fresh air. With flats or heels or, pretty or ugly, sandals are essential for walking on the sidewalk in the city or on the beach. But one of the trends that we haven’t really tackled yet is denim sandals, After denim corsets, bags or long skirts, denim, iconic dresses, were about to appear before us with great fanfare…! Plus, the trend is reminiscent of some iconic looks from the 90s/2000s, a time when the total denim look was king!

Denim sandals: A Y2K trend we’re rooting for

These are the staple shoes of this summer, If we find them in sandal form this summer, it’s a safe bet that you’ll find this fabric on your booties, ankle boots, or even your favorite sneaker model once the school year starts. Fashion has caught hold of this fabric in all its shades, making it one of the most popular clothes in all wardrobes.

Wearing denim sandals will remind you of the best of the 2000s: the Spice Girls, the L5s or Britney Spears matching perfectly with your crush of the time: Justin Timberlake, If wearing head-to-toe jeans is an art that can be achieved and is no longer a fashion faux pas, then you can totally own it except for your legs to support your sense of style. But, since the heeled sandal is already a strong piece and already has that Y2K connotation, you can team them with a simple dress or pleated skirt to give back all the splendor of our youth. by Braided Rope Platform Sandal Common Perfect for this effect, while printed dad shoes Claudie Pierlot Keep these in your suitcase for colder holidays.

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