These hairstyles featured in the magazines of 2022 are sensational ideas to rejuvenate the round face at 50 and 60

Numerous magazines take care to present and describe what will be the ideal cuts to enhance the shape of the face regardless of age. Rejuvenating the face with a modern cut designed to enhance the shape means slimming it and for this reason the scaling may not be enough. To respect the proportions of the face it is necessary to worry about the volume and in the case of a round face the choices could be forced. The fringe is not always recommended, while the scaling should streamline the shape and make it more elegant.

The round face needs to be elongated and for this reason hairstyles suitable even for 50 and 60 years have been created to look younger and feel comfortable with the appearance. For example, the pixie cut is often photographed in magazines and chosen by the icons of the star system to look young and beautiful.

Innovative alternatives

Glenn Close and Susan Sarandon are beautiful women who use this hairstyle to give harmony to the relationship between face shape, features and hair color. With the waves they are able to enlarge and lengthen the shapes laterally without exaggerating with the scaling. In our house it is Monica Bellucci who in magazines enhances the pixie cut with side tufts.

When we have a round face to enhance, these hairstyles featured in the magazines of 2022 represent real must-haves that are difficult to escape from. The results are amazing. For example, if we want to opt for a bob we cannot indulge our tastes by going against the harmony of the face, we may regret it after the cut, that is, when it is too late.

The mixie cut which is somewhere between a pixie and a mullet is present and in great demand in magazines. This year is depopulating and we should try it. It is a very jaunty short layered cut also suitable for 50 and 60 years.

These hairstyles featured in the magazines of 2022 are sensational ideas to rejuvenate the round face at 50 and 60

The main feature of the mixie cut is the double length, short at the top and long at the bottom. It retains the charm of the seventies mullet and the versatility of the newer pixie cut.

That’s not all. Thanks to Cameron Diaz and younger Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway, it is the nixie cut that is often featured in magazines. It is yet another variation, this time with many different lengths and many layers in a single cut. It is ideal for giving volume, so it is suitable for those with a round face and even hair that is too thin. A great advantage of this cut is given by the possibility of combing the bangs in different ways, solving a dilemma that concerns those who have a round face. Too sweet features, in fact, eliminate angles and edges by flattening the shape, the fringe could become a weak point. With these new cuts, however, these problems could be definitively solved.

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